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Journey to the City of No Horizon

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Artist: Tang Yau Hoong
Artist's Website:

I find this art print design simple, yet it depicts great insight about how we live our lives in a dream state. I personally admire the clever concept and visualization of Tang Yau Hoong. I would love to have such an amazing design printed on my shirt.

About the Journey to the City of No Horizon

I have learned that the design of this art print is surrealism. This Journey to the City of No Horizon is a limited edition T-shirt design. Tang Yau Hoong tries to convey in this design that we depend on vision in our lives and yet it is so delicate that we could easily be misled by what we see.

About The Artist

Tang Yau Hoong is from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. He is a graphic artist, designer and illustrator. His work ranges from editorial illustration to advertising illustration, apparel design, poster illustration and graphic design. Tang Yau Hoong loves to create simplistic designs.

Tang Yau Hoong likes creating graphic designs that stun the viewer. As an artist and visual creator, he tries to pass on messages outwardly. He loves unsophisticated works and will always attempt to make his artwork as straightforward as would be prudent. He don’t constrain himself to a certain style or medium and he will make something new and express his thoughts in an imaginative manner.

Thank you very much Tang Yau Hoong for allowing us to share your simplistic design. If you wish to learn more about his designs, you can go and visit his website.

About the Author:

A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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