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Artist: Hernán J. González

I find the concept of this stereogram quite amusing. I can quickly recognize the image of Madonna with a child. Just like any other stereograms, I notice the patterns and the attempt to create a 3D illusion with the overlapping lines. Over all, this is one of the nicest stereograms that I have seen on the internet.

About the Madonna with Child

I have learned that this artwork is an overlay on the traditional texture, comprising colored outlines and horizontal blur. This is a stereogram which is a special kind of image that has been intended to create an illusion of 3D vision. HernÃin did not used any sophisticated tools and the viewer does not need to use 3D glasses in order to see them.

About the Artist

Hernán J. González is a stereogram artist and he uses a progam that he developed during his scientific years at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina to make his stereograms. His works are best seen on a computer monitor and not recommended to be printed on paper.

Thank you Hernán J. González for allowing us to post and share your Madonna with Child artwork. If you wish to know more about his interesting artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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