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Mind-Blowing Mathemagician’s Room

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Artist: Dywiann Xyara

I was fascinated with the illustrations of the “Abstract Scientist”. I can see that there is rich imagination and plenty of quirky ideas in the picture. I have seen some of her other artworks and I must say that they are really striking and thought provoking.

About the Mind-Blowing Mathemagician’s Room

The Mind-Blowing Mathemagician’s Room was created by Dywiann Xyara a.k.a Abstract Scientist. According to her, mathematicians have a special love for wonderful, strange and bizarre things. For her, Mathematics is magic, and can have both the simplest and most complex forms. Just like in this surreal illustration, the floor is an impossible figure and the spirals on the chessboard-floor are actually Fibonacci spirals.

About the Artist

Dywiann Xyara (also known as the Abstract Scientist) is from Germany and is a member of Deviant Art, the largest online community for art and artists. She likes creating artworks that are incorporated with impossible figures. She joined the deviant art groups “Mind-wanderers, the Spectra” and “In Flames Fans”.

Thank you very much Abstract Scientist for allowing us to post and share your Mind-Blowing Mathemagician’s Room. If you wish to see more of her incredible artworks, you can go and visit her deviant art page.

About the Author:

A Person with Love and Passion for Puzzles.


  1. DywX August 7, 2016 at 06:42

    Hi, here is Dywiann Xyara. I found this site as I googled my name. Thanks to you, and I’m glad you like my work :)

  2. Passion for Puzzles September 29, 2016 at 11:06

    Awesome! Its such a great illusion we just had to share it as well!

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