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Optical Illusion Cake

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Artist: Kristen Coniaris

I was completely flabbergasted with this enormous optical illusion cake. It looks absolutely amazing and inspiring! I find it a clever and innovative idea to use optical illusion in cake decoration. Kristen Coniaris really did a great job in this cake!

About theĀ Optical Illusion Cake

This is an optical illusion cake that was created by Kristen Coniaris. She has used three varied tones of rolled modeling chocolate. This is a 2-dimensional cake design that gives the impression of 3-dimensional cubes. It is an awesome trick and quite easy to do according to Kristen. She used dark and white modelling chocolate for this cake. She started by rolling out the modeling chocolate into thin pieces. She used a hexagon cutter and cut each hexagon into three bits to create three equal sized diamonds. She assembled the design after the cake had frosted.

About the Artist

Kristen Coniaris is a talented cake artist. She has authored a book entitled Cake Decorating with Modeling Chocolate. She has a great work experience and extensive knowledge in work experience in the food industry and she specializes in bakery management, product development, and cake artistry. She provides helpful information in her website where she also generously shares her expertise in baking and cake decoration. Shes also the creator of the award winning show Wicked Goodies.

Thank you very much Kristen Coniaris for allowing us to post and share your Optical Illusion Cake. If you wish to see more of her incredible cake decorations, you can go and visit her website.

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