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Optical Illusion House

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Artist: Ciaran Brennan

At first, I thought that this house was a balloon factory. I find this Illusion House interesting because the painted balloons look so real. The vibrant colors of the balloons are very noticeable. This picture can be tricky and will definitely catch the attention of anyone who sees it.

About the Optical Illusion House

I have learned that Ciaran has used the house as an actual “canvas” and painted directly on it this time. This picture was inspired by a big party that they have at their house every year.  Ciaran didn’t get to finish it completely – he actually wished to paint the inside of the house through the hole in the wall but he ended up just making it dark. Some of the front balloons are real ones, they shriveled a bit before Ciaran took the photo so they seem a bit out of balance with the painted balloons.

About The Artist

Ciaran Brennan was born in Dublin. His work has been portrayed as peculiar, neo pop-surrealistic and existentialism. Ciaran is a traditional street artist and has been a deviant art member for 9 years already.

Thank you Ciaran Brennan for allowing us to post and share your Optical Illusion House. If you wish to learn more about his optical illusion artworks, you can go and visit his website.


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