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Optical Illusion with Animals

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Artist: Leon12Wang

At first glance, it looks like there’s only one, two or three animals, but no there’s more! This optical illusion may look raw and monochrome, but shows great imagination. I find this artwork very ingenious when I study the details more closely.

About the Optical Illusion with Animals

The Optical Illusion with Animals was created by Leon12Wang. He created an awesome concept for this tricky drawing and has shown his imagination through this artwork. This may appear a very simple drawing, but takes imagination and creativity to get the animals in the correct spots, so they fit in.

About the Artist

Leon12Wang is a visual artist from Indonesia. He concentrates in creating monochromatic and colored illustrations. He is a member of deviant art, the largest online community for art and artist. He likes drawing anime characters that show great emotion and have an interesting story. I have checked out some of his other works and I have seen several optical illusions which mostly come in ambiguous images. He created interesting titles for each of his artworks.

Thank you very much Leon12Wang for allowing us to post and share your Optical Illusion with Animals. If you wish to see more of his incredible works, you can check out his deviant art page. ©2014-2015 Leon12Wang.

About the Author:

A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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