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Parthenon 3d Beach Art

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Artist: Jamie Harkins (Facebook: Jamie Harkins), Constanza Nightingale (Facebook: Constanza Nightingale), David Rendu (Facebook: David Rendu Art)

©Constanza Nightingale

This Parthenon 3d beach art is so epic! I can see the creative flair of Jamie Harkins in visual arts through this sand drawing. Jamie has proved in this 3d beach art that the twig and sand could offer immeasurable amount of artistic and inventive potentials.

About the Parthenon 3d Beach Art

This Parthenon is yet another mind blowing 3d beach slash sand art from Jamie Harkins. It is a clever concept that was made to amuse the viewers. He has the knack to transform his imaginations and creative ideas into a visual reality with life-like sand illustrations. He has extensive knowledge when it comes to creating fascinating visual arts in the sand. He is an expert 3d illustrator and he can create impressive sand doodles using the anamorphosis technique.

About the Artist

Jamie Harkins is a 3d sand artist from New Zealand. He loves working in his studio located at Mount Maunganui, NZ. His art embraces variety of subjects, designs and methods. Most of his artworks are somewhat surrealist landscapes, he sometimes use bright colors and treatment of light. He is available to work for private commissions.

Thank you very much Jamie Harkins for allowing us to post and share your Parthenon 3d beach art. If you wish to see more of his incredible sand artworks, you can go and visit his Facebook page.

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