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Artist: Anne Ralli

The Pen Painted on Hand is a creative body art produced by Anne Ralli. This stunning and entertaining body painting is quite interesting to look at. Many spectators find it realistic and deceiving.

About the Pen Painted on Hand

Anne Ralli created this body painting for an Ecclesiastical ad. Ralli has perfected the art of body painting which makes it her signature style. This particular art form is one of her best and creative works.

About the Artist

Anne Ralli is a London-based body painter. She started her career at BBC as a scenic artist and her works include backdrop painting incorporated with abstract and photo realism. Ralli is known as a versatile artist by private clients, advertising agencies, film makers, photographers, and theater companies. She was able to hone her painting skills while she was working with still photographers.

Thank you, Anne Ralli, for allowing us to post and share your body painting art, Pen Painted on Hand. If you wish to know more about her interesting artworks, you can check and visit her website.

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