Pre-Modernist and Post-Modernist Street Painting

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Pre-Modernist and Post-Modernist Street Painting

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Artist: Julian Beever

Bravo to the Pre-Modernist and Post-Modernist 3D Street Painting! This is yet another clever and impressive street art by Julian. This astounding street painting absolutely deserves recognition.

About the Pre-Modernist and Post-Modernist Street Painting

The Pre-Modernist and Post-Modernist Street Painting was created by Julian Beever. It looks very realistic and striking causing the passersby to step around the hole. It makes the passerby take a second look and gaze at the incredible pavement artwork. To me the natural brick lines in the pile of bricks to the right of the hole take away from the illusion a bit, but it is still well done.

About the Author

Julian Beever was born in Cheltenham, UK in 1959. Julian went to state schools and studied Art at Leeds Met. College from 1979-83. Julian started street artwork as an entertainer, attracting distinctive nations including the USA, Australia and Europe to sponsor his voyages. He started anamorphic street illusions during the 1990’s.

His earlier works were pictures of well-known individuals which worked best in getting quick responses from passers-by. He created his 3 dimensional or “anamorphic” street drawings because of his adoration of the medium.  Some have named him “the Pavement Picasso”.  Julian has generated incredible interest from the corporate business world and has worked in 28 nations.

Julian still catches time to do drawings for his own fulfillment. Each of his drawings must be seen from one perspective and if the viewer moves from it, the deception is lost and the drawing turns into a surreal distortion. It is the web that has made his works popular to the world.

Thank you very much Julian Beever for allowing us to post and share your Pre-Modernist and Post-Modernist Street Painting.  If you wish to learn more about his amazing 3D illusions, you can visit his website.

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