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Rag and Bone Clothing 3D Art

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Artist: 3DJoe and Max
Artist's Website: http://3djoeandmax.com/

The concept of this street art looks very exciting and poses a lot of questions, especially when people think of entering the shop. However, it’s not a real store but another deceiving 3-D street art by 3DJoe and Max.

About the Rag and Bone Clothing 3D Art

The Rag and Bone Clothing 3-D Art in New York City was produced by 3DJoe and Max in 2014. The 3-Dimensional wall painting invites passersby to walk in their animated cartoon shop. They have never failed to trick people on the streets with their amazing 3-D art.

About the Artist

3DJoe and Max have created many 3-D paintings which are all stunning. Both Joe and Max are artists who have traveled to a lot of different places in order to create their 3-Dimensional masterpieces. They have worked with big clients like Google, Disney, Reebok, Save the Children, and Coca-Cola just to name a few. There is no doubt that 3DJoe and Max have exceptional talent and expertise for being able to work with such big companies.

Thank you very much, 3DJoe and Max, for allowing us to post and share the Rag and Bone Clothing 3-D Art. If you wish to see more of their amazing 3-D designs, you can check and visit their website.

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