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Random Optical Illusion

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Artist: FoZZlm

This Random Optical Illusion is quite simple, yet engaging. It makes me question the ladder angles, as well as the blue line lengths. This kind of work challenges the perception of the spectators. I really hope that FoZZlm will keep on creating more optical illusion artworks. I’ll definitely have to stay tuned to his deviant art gallery.

About the Random Optical Illusion

The Random Optical Illusion was created by FoZZlm. He dares the spectators to guess which blue line is longer. His choice of distance between the ladder rungs is also interesting. He is trying to interact with his viewers by making them question various aspects of this very tricky picture.

About the Artist

FoZZlm is a visual artist from Australia and he specializes in creating digital art, drawing and painting. He is a member of deviant art, the largest online community for art and artist. His favorite style of art is lead pencil and sketch.

Thank you very much FoZZlm for allowing us to post your Random Optical Illusion. If you wish to see more of his amazing works, you can go and check out his deviant art page. 2009-2015 FoZZlm.

About the Author:

A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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