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Real Solids and Virtual Solids

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Artist: Guido Moretti

As expected, the real solids and virtual solids art pieces feature bewildering geometric shapes and mathematics, producing very interesting art. Guido’s works appear as strange objects, but he has done a really great job of his amazing and intriguing sculptures.

About the Real Solids and Virtual Solids

The Real Solids and Virtual Solids is a creation of Guido Moretti. It features impossible columns and parallelepipeds. This is part of his illusion and reality series. The figures are highly ambiguous and they will definitely puzzle and blow the minds of the spectators.

About the Artist

Guido Moretti is a passionate artist of ambiguous art. He has great enthusiasm for working with analytical geometry. His creations are all fascinating and stupefying to his viewers. His art pieces can definitely bring delight to the eyes of both young and old viewers.

Thank you very much Guido Moretti for allowing us to post and share your Real Solids and Virtual Solids. If you wish to see more of his ambiguous artworks, you can visit his website.

About the Author:

A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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