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Artist: WhoAm-Irony

The Sabotage is a ginormous and in-your-face street painting. Since it is located in a busy neighborhood, everyone who passes by this building will surely stop, look, and stare at this magnificent work of art. The intricate details of the painting meshes well with the backdrop environment of the building.

The subject of the painting appears to be interacting with the building’s structure and design. Every brush and stroke blends in and ties up together. It is indeed a superb and impressive piece of art. Great job to the amazing skills of WhoAm-Irony.

About the Sabotage

The Sabotage is a giant street mural painted by the talented artist, WhoAm-Irony. This art piece was designed and developed for the UpFest 2015 Festival at the Redpoint Climbing Centre in Bristol. This extreme artwork is definitely a show stopper.

About the Artist

WhoAm-Irony has been an active member of DeviantArt for 3 years where he shares many of his incredible works. He is a firm believer that “talk is cheap while paint is expensive.” WhoAm-Irony loves to experiment with his paintings using a can of spray paint and an adventurous soul.

Thank you very much WhoAm-Irony for allowing us to post and share the Sabotage. If you are interested to see more of his works, you can visit his DeviantArt web page.

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