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Artist: Michelle Zhang

This Skytrek of Karmaela quite looks dreamlike and the viewer of this illusion masterwork might feel being transported to another world. This surrealistic fantasy piece is quite absorbing and it is really going to be a big hit to the collectors of illusion paintings. The bricks in the painting looks especially striking because of the realistic appearance.

About the Skytrek

The Skytrek is an illusion painting that was produced by Michelle Zhang or Karmaela of deviant art in 2013. This creative piece approximately measures 2m x 3m. It took her about 75 hours to complete this work and she had used varnished acrylics. This work was featured in the deviant art website’s Daily Deviation.

About the Artist

Michelle Zhang also known as karmaela is a visual artist from Australia. She specializes in creating traditional drawings and surreal art. She is a member of deviant art, the largest online community for art and artist. Her works are often described as beautiful and visually stimulating.

Thank you very much karmaela for allowing us to post and share your Skytrek Illusion. If you wish to see more of her interesting works, you can go and check out her deviant art page. 2008-2015 karmaela.

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