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Spanish Rescued Anamorphic Painting

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Artist: Eduardo Relero

The Spanish Rescued Anamorphic Painting of Eduardo is truly amazing! It looks very realistic; like I would be afraid to walk on that sidewalk. He once again established his great reputation and excellence in 3D pavement art. His great experience and knowledge in anamorphic art is absolutely remarkable. I hope that Eduardo wont stop creating marvellous works, deceiving the passersby into seeing 3 dimensional forms and scenes on an entirely flat surface.

About the Spanish Rescued Anamorphic Painting

The Spanish Rescued Anamorphic Painting was created by the brilliant 3D pavement artist Eduardo Relero. This project was intended for the 2012 World Day of First Aid, Red Cross International. He created intense depth in this pavement painting in order to depict some sense of danger and risk. This is one of the most interactive anamorphic paintings that he has created.

About the Artist

Eduardo Relero is a 3D street artist from Argentina. Eduardo has created optical illusions around the world and that includes his popular giant feet sticking out of gaping holes in the ground. Eduardo started his painting career on the streets of Rome in 1990 and also made spectacular murals in Germany, France, Spain and America.

Thank you very much Eduardo Relero for allowing us to post and share your Spanish Rescued Anamorphic Painting. If you wish to check out more of his 3D pavement artworks, you can visit his website.

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