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Splendid Anamorphic Sand Art

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Artist: Jamie Harkins

The Splendid Anamorphic Sand Art was created by Jamie Harkins. He has exhibited his adeptness in using the anamorphosis technique in this sand masterpiece. This is the kind of art that can amaze anyone because a 3 dimensional effect can be realized on a 2 dimensional surface when seen from a particular viewpoint. It will look distorted, if not seen from the correct angle.

About the Splendid Anamorphic Sand Art

This is a most fascinating anamorphic sand artwork! I was impressed with the depth that has been created by Jamie on the flat sand surface because it looks like he dug a large hole in the sand, with steps to climb out. It is an amazing combination of sand and anamorphic art. It makes one kind of sad to think that this kind of art cannot be preserved for a long time because at the end of the day, it disappears when the tide comes in.

About the Artist

Jamie Harkins is a 3d sand artist from New Zealand. He loves working in his studio located at Mount Maunganui, NZ. His art embraces a variety of subjects, designs and methods. Most of his artwork is somewhat surrealist landscapes, he sometimes use bright colors and treatment of light. He is available to work for private commissions.

Thank you very much Jamie Harkins for allowing us to post and share your Splendid Anamorphic Sand Art. If you wish to see more of his incredible sand artwork, you can visit his Facebook page.

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