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Artist: Vlad Alexeev

I find this impossible shape stimulating. As I tried to examine the shape, I interpreted it as a three dimensional object. I was stunned to find out that it was only two dimensional. Pictures are by their very nature two-dimensional. However, they often portray three-dimensions.

About the Stellated-dodecahedron

This is an impossible shape of the small stellated dodecahedron in isometric projection. There are a variety of prompts that are used as a technique to create a three-dimensional representation of the figure of interest. These include interposition, height-in-the-field, linear perspective, texture gradient, size, shading, and atmospheric perspective. I found out that the combinations of these elements can generate illusions of depth in a picture.

About the Author

Vlad Alexeev lives in Kaluga (Russia) and works as a programmer for a company that develops access control systems. During his free time, he likes to program for his satisfaction, listen to music (progressive metal) and read fantasy books. Vlad has gathered a big collection of impossible figures and decided to create a unique website about impossible figures where as much art and information as possible would be published. So, at the end of May 2001 his site was started.

There are some impossible figures on the site that were created by him and his friends. In February of 2009, the site was chosen for Britannica iGuide directory of the Web’s best sites. Vlad examines the internet periodically for new impossible figures and paintings. If you have some figures that are not included on the site, you can send them to him or send him a link to where these figures can be found. You can see some of Vlad’s works with impossible figures on the site such as impossible dinos, computer images and photomontages.

Thank you Vlad Alexeev for allowing us to post and share your impossible figures.  If you wish to know more about his interesting works, you can go and visit his website.

© Vlad Alexeev, 2009

About the Author:

A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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