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The Surprising Mural Painting

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Artist: Cihan Engin

The magnificent mural painting by Cihan is indeed an impressive sight. I am absolutely fascinated with the manipulation of the painted white cloth especially since it appears quite complex. I can picture myself pulling off the fake white cloth. Cihan did a great work on this mural and I can’t wait to see more illusion paintings from this talented artist.

About The Surprising Mural Painting

The Surprising Mural Painting is produced by artist, Cihan Engin. This painting is definitely one of the most deceiving pieces in his collection and is one of his older artworks. Most art aficionados are easily tricked by the illusion of a white cloth covering the wall painting which makes the mural appear interactive.

About the Artist

Cihan Engin, also known as Ravenwoods, is a visual artist from Ankara, Turkey who specializes in street art. He is an illustrator, character designer, and digital artist. Cihan can work with different mediums such as charcoal, matte painting, and photo manipulation software.

He currently designs user interfaces of graphic games for a mobile company. He is also a member of Deviant Art, the largest online community for artists.

Thank you very much, Cihan Engin, for allowing us to post and share The Surprising Mural Painting. If you wish to see more of his amazing artworks, you can visit and check out his Deviant Art or Behance page.

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