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Swimming Pool 3D Art

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Artist: Manfred Stader

The Swimming Pool 3D Art created by Manfred Stader is deceiving and absorbing. It is impressive, surprising, and interactive. This creative artwork brings delight and inspiration to other visual artists.

The expertise of Stader in 3-Dimensional art is very evident in this visual design as well as his passion for applying the technique of anamorphosis. This swimming pool illusion looks cool and refreshing. People who are passing by will definitely notice this impressive artwork.

The Swimming Pool 3D Art

The Swimming Pool 3-D Art is another artistic illusion created by Manfred Stader. This is one of the most realistic and deceiving anamorphic designs he has ever created. The artwork’s cool and creative design will leave passersby totally amazed.

About the Artist

Manfred Stader is recognized as a Master of 3-D street painting. Stader honed his skills in street painting and pavement art while studying art at the famous Städel Artschool in Frankfurt. In 1985, he already became one of the few street painter gurus. He was awarded the title Master Madonnaro by the largest international street painting competition in Grazie di Curtatone in Italy.

The 3-D impression in his street paintings is made possible through his knowledge in anamorphosis where he is able to create more optical height and width. His 3-D street paintings are highly recognized during festivals and promotional events. He combines folk art with modern perception of illusion using pastel chalk.

Stader became popular for his interactive street art. His fans love his pavement art design and often use it for filming or photography.

Thank you very much, Manfred Stader, for allowing us to post and share the Swimming Pool 3-D Art. If you wish to learn more about his fantastic 3-D street paintings, you can check and visit his website.

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