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Take Flight Illusion Photo

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Artist: Neon Lilith

I love Neons concept of Take Flight in this illusion photo. The model was directed to execute a stunning and convincing body pose. This is one of my favorites of all her deceiving photographs. The seaside setting, along with the shadow in the water, make it a beautiful and mesmerizing shot!

About the Take Flight Illusion Photo

Take Flight is an illusion photograph that was produced by Neon Lilith. I bet everyone will agree that this picture is deceiving. It has elements of illusion, surrealism and a little bit of quirkiness. Neon really has a rich imagination and I admire her boldness in translating her creative ideas into her series of illusion photographs. She can really turn reality into fantasy!

About the Artist

Neon Lilith is a visual artist from Canada. She likes joining in contests and she has participated in Picture Yourself in Wonderland. She is a member of deviant art, the largest online community for art and artist. She is fond of creating incredible and deceiving pictures.

Thank you very much Neon Lilith for allowing us to post and share your Take Flight photography. If you wish to see more of her amazing works, you can go and check out her deviant art page. 2010-2015 neon-lilith.

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