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Artist: M-C-Escher-style

What is the first thing that comes into your mind when you see this picture? The viewer may wonder whether the man is inside or outside the house. The viewer can see both perspectives, but only one at a time. I have to say that this is a most thought-provoking work. I like the Escher inspiration and must say that this is a very high quality photo manipulation. Bravo to this impeccable work of alltelleringet!

About The Architect

The Architect was produced by alltelleringet from the group M-C-Escher-style. According to him, it has been a while since he made a double perspective photo, but he assumed that it was time when he came up with this idea. This was shot around Christmas last year, on a beautiful frosty day right before the snow came. It was entirely photographed outdoors except for some smaller details in the picture.  He welcomes any suggestion for technical improvements.

About the Artist

M-C-Escher-style is a group in deviant art whose artworks were greatly influenced by the optical illusion guru M. C. Escher. This deviant art group was founded by Hop41 and cofounded by sethness in 2008. The contributors came from different countries and are also members of deviant art, the largest online community for art and artist.

Thank you very much M-C-Escher-style for allowing us to post and share your The Architect. If you wish to see more of their incredible artworks, you can go and check out his deviant art group page. ©2010-2015 alltelleringet.

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