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Artist: Nikita Prokhorov

I always find tessellations interesting – mainly because of their deceptive features and the illusions they create from different perspectives. This Ghost tessellations by Nikita is an ingenious work and I would like to share the artistic delight with my peers.

About The Ghosts

I have learned that Nikita has created this Ghost tessellation which is inspired by a Tim Burton exhibit. This tessellations is created with symmetric designs featuring ghosts which fit together in repetitious patterns in such a way that it looks like a puzzle. Nikita has filled a 2D plane with no gaps or overlaps. He used a peculiar subject for tessellation in order to make it more interesting. Nikita has used a complex tiling technique to exhibit fun, art and math in this brain teasing artwork.

About The Artist

Nikita Prokhorov was a full-time teacher at Central Connecticut State University for 4 years.  However, the process of designing and creating artwork is his true passion. He pursues other creative passions like ambigrams, tessellations, and cooking. He considers himself  a minimalist at heart and a fan of beautiful letterforms as well as hand-lettered typography. In 2013, Nikita specialized in print and web-based brand development. Nikita conceptualized and authored a book entitled Ambigrams Revealed which is a collection of more than 200 ambigrams from the world’s finest artists. He has also established the website which now serves as a major online gathering for ambigrams designers.

Thank you Nikita Prokhorov for allowing us to post and share your Ghosts tessellation. If you wish to check out his other cool artworks, you can go and visit his website.

About the Author:

A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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