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The Perfect Balance

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Artist: Dmitriy

I was not surprised to see the other viewer’s comments about this Perfect Balance stereogram and I must agree that this one is very well done. If you unfocus your eyes while staring at the picture, a gymnast appears on a balance beam!  Personally, this optical illusion is one of the best stereograms that I have found on the World Wide Web.

About The Perfect Balance

This Perfect Balance masterpiece features an optical illusion of stereoscopic depth created from a flat and 2 dimensional image. At first, this picture may look like an abstract work but when the spectators use scrupulous eyes, they will be surprised to see the detailed form of a girl. Looking at this picture is also a wonderful opportunity to explore the richness of one’s own imagination and perhaps discover one’s most subtle thoughts.

About the Author

Dmitriy has been a deviant art member for 7 years and he belongs to the Stereograms group. His favorite style of art is 3D Stereograms. His other interests include playing music, skiing/snowboarding, rollerblading, stereo photography and programming.

Thank you Dmitriy for allowing us to post and share your Perfect Balance stereogram. If you wish to know more about his other stereograms, you can go and visit his website.

About the Author:

A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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