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Artist: David MacDonald

This incredible artwork was David’s first attempt to create a primitive image with non-photographic elements. The illusion of 3D depth in the artwork is fantastic. If you look carefully at the diving board, you will see that it is not physically possible in the real world. You can see that this image was created with a lot of hard work and the design of the pool is amusing to look at. The structure of the pool is unique and interesting to observe and study.

About the Pool

The pool was created using computer software and photography. The artist used digital cameras set to 640 x 480 dpi and a computer that had dual processors and a GB of RAM.  This very simple method of constructing an image is a favorite of the great Oscar Reutersvärd.

About the Author

David MacDonald does not consider himself an artist, although by the age of eight, he was already taking photographs and starting to use a darkroom. He studied in a liberal school that combined heavy emphasis on the arts, disciplines of advanced mathematics and engineering drawing.  He was able to develop diverse abilities which came together naturally in professional photography. He is an Englishman living in Belgium, married to a Viennese and they have two multilingual sons.

David works as a movie camera man and his role is to give life and atmosphere to a director’s vision. He is now in his 48th year of working with film. He is an expert when it comes to interpretative role and the ability to add more dimension of visual interest and mood. Much of his work relies on playing with the light. He has had the good fortune to travel to both developed and remote places of the world because of his work.

He initially discovered a photo editing software that was bundled with a scanner and started to play with it. He was soon exploring other graphics applications. This has now become his passion equaled only by his lifetime passion for Asian and Oriental inspired cooking. His main interest is the creation of photorealistic Escher like illusions, combining photography and computer generated imagery. A number of these are published in illusion books and can be found on the Web.

Thank you David MacDonald for allowing us to post and share your brilliant artwork. If you wish to see more of his artworks, you can go and visit his website.

CAMBIGUITIES is the official site of illusion creator David Macdonald. All images strictly copyright of the artist.


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