Time to Play 3D Street Art in Wijnegem

/Time to Play 3D Street Art in Wijnegem

Time to Play 3D Street Art in Wijnegem

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Artist: Leon Keer


The amazing talent of the artist, Leon Keer, is very evident in this 3D street art. He has proven his expertise in creating depth while playing with perspectives in this pavement artwork. It appears interactive, fun, and playful.

About the Time to Play 3D Street Art in Wijnegem

The Time to Play 3D Street Art in Wijnegem was produced by the brilliant visual artist Leon Keer in 2012. He created this spectacular 3-dimensional masterpiece at the Wijnegem Shopping Center Belgium. He conceptualized a fun kiddie theme called “Time to Play”.

This 3D art measures 9 x 5 meters painted on paper. There are also other 3D artworks exhibited in the same venue by prolific painters such as Eduardo Relero and Ruben Poncia.

About the Artist

Leon Keer learned to paint through designing and producing large advertising murals for multinational companies such as Coca-Cola. He has executed commissions in Europe, US, UAE, Australia, and several Asian countries. His extensive experience on painting with various kinds of foundations has led him to experiment with different types of materials and techniques.

His works represent messages such as environmental concerns and livability. He presents the beautiful versus the ugly, a contrast that he continuously applies in his work and uses as a metaphor in his life.

Leon Keer exhibited his paintings in various Dutch and UK Art Galleries, as well as several art shows and fairs in Europe and US. During his career, Leon Keer often presented his art through live-action-painting performances. Leon Keer is a world leading artist in anamorphic street art.

The 3D street paintings may be temporary but the images shared via social media all over the world will remain forever. According to Leon, ‘Every street art piece is unique and belongs to the street and its residents, the temporary fact about this art form strengthens its existence.’

Thank you very much, Leon Keer, for allowing us to post and share your Time to Play 3D Street Art in Wijnegem. If you wish to know more about the amazing 3D street art paintings of Leon, you can check and visit his website.

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