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Artist: Hernán J. González

I personally like this three chain or Tres Cadenas optical illusion. This can be a very amusing eye trick for anyone. I find this stereogram interesting because of the excellent illusory effects which have been made possible by the texturing of the object array.

About the Tres Cadenas

Hernán has created this Tres Cadenas stereogram in such a way that the chain above is perceptible while the other chains are more concealed. He had made it so that a 3D image is hidden in a single 2D image. According to Hernán, this is one of the most interesting stereograms that he has created considering the technical point of view.  He was able to create the stereoscopic effect. Just like any other stereograms that one can find on the internet, the Tres Cadenas features depth perception by means of stereopsis or the impression of depth when a spectator looks at a scene with both eyes. Hernán has created this optical illusion in Povray.

About the Artist

Hernán J. González is a stereogram artist and he has stereograms made by a program that he developed during his scientific years at the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. They are optimized to be seen on a computer monitor and are not recommended to be printed on paper.

Thank you Hernán J. González for allowing us to post and share your Tres Cadenas artwork. If you wish to know more about his interesting artworks, you can go and visit his website.

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