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Artist: Kaia Nao

At first, I had thought that this is just a pixelated artwork, but no, this is yet another perplexing eye trick by Kaia Nao. The colors are very eye-catching and amazingly well put together. He has learned the art of movement in color very well.

About Tunnel Vision

Tunnel Vision was created by Kaia Nao. It is kind of dizzying, like a house of mirrors at an exhibition and was surprised because after gazing at the picture for 5 seconds, it started moving. I was fascinated because it appears as if I am walking towards the end of the tunnel. This is one of the most mind-boggling optical illusions that he has created. He never fails to amuse people with his original motion illusions.

About the Artist

The artistic training of Kaia Nao (also known as Joe Hautman) is in the field of realistic painting. The methods of realism have been developed by artists over many years. Many of these techniques are fundamental visual deceptions.

Thank you Kaia Nao for allowing us to post and share your Tunnel Vision. If you wish to check out more of his interesting paintings, you can visit his website.

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