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Unbelievable 2D Notepad

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Artist: João Carvalho

I cant stop myself from saying ‘wow!’ to this Unbelievable 2D Notepad drawing by Joao. I was really impressed with the details and it appears as if Stitch is going to jump off the paper anytime. I have checked out some other works by Joao in his Facebook page and I must say that he is really adept at using shadings in his illustrations. They look very realistic!

About Unbelievable 2D Notepad

Unbelievable 2D Notepad was created by J Desenhos or Joao. This is one of his distinct sketches in which he had cleverly manipulated the notepads blue lines with his excellent 2D drawing skills. He had incredibly bended and twisted some blue lines in order to create depth in his Stitch character. He exhibits his proficiency in shading through this startling drawing.

About the Artist

Joo Carvalho also known as J Desenhos is a visual artist who loves creating 2D and 3D drawings. His creative works are great source of amusement and inspiration especially to those individuals who aspires to also create their own art gallery. Joao is an artist who can surprise and make people smile through his astounding illustrations.

Thank you very much, Joo Carvalho, for allowing us to post and share Unbelievable 2D Notepad. If you wish to see more of his amazing works, you can check out his Facebook page.

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A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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