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Artist: Miwa Miwa

It was really fun to see the moving watermelons. This is an eye trick that fascinated me a lot. After some time of staring at the different spots of this optical illusion, I felt a bit dizzy but it is definitely worth the experience.

About the Watermelons

According to Miwa Miwa, this Watermelons optical illusion will appear to rotate. When you look at the watermelons on the right side, the watermelons on the left side will move. This rotating Watermelons can help us understand how our brain works.

About the Artist

Miwa Miwa is an artist who has love and fervor for creating wonderful optical illusions.
Thank you Miwa Miwa for allowing us to post and share your Rotating Watermelons. If you wish to know more about Miwa Miwa’s works, you can go and visit the official website of this artist.

About the Author:

A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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