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Artist: Manfred Stader

This pavement art is one of the best examples that exhibits the anamorphosis technique. This painting of Manfred Stader’s can be described as amusing, enticing and inspiring. This kind of work defies the laws of space and time, making it look whimsical and out of this world. There is a notable difference when the pavement art is viewed from the correct angle versus the incorrect angle.

About the World Hunger Aid

This 3 dimensional pavement art was painted by Manfred Stader. He used acrylics on PVC and the art itself measures 3 meters x 6 meters. This painting is dedicated to Berlin’s Week of the World Hunger Aid in 2013. Manfred is truly a master of pavement art and this work shows how  he can  bring change to ordinary sidewalks.

About the Artist

Manfred Stader is recognized as a Master of 3d-Street Painting. Manfred started street painting and creating pavement art during his art studies at the famous Städel Artschool in Frankfurt. In 1985, he became one of the few street painter gurus. He was awarded the title Master Madonnaro by the largest international street painting competition in Grazie di Curtatone in Italy.

The 3-dimensional impression in his street paintings are made possible with his knowledge of anamorphosis. He was able to create more optical height and width. His 3D street paintings are all especially admired during festivals and promotional events. Manfred combines folk art with the modern perception of illusion. He became a popular street painter because his street art was interactive. His fans can pose in logical connection with the pavement art image for either filming or photography purposes.

Thank you very much Manfred Stader for allowing us to post and share your 3D painting for World Hunger Aid. If you wish to learn more about his fantastic 3D street paintings, you can go and visit his website.

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