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Artist: Tom Beddard

The Woven Spiral is a fractal piece of art that looks pretty much interesting and highly creative. The amount of time and effort put together for this work is quite unimaginable. The artist, Tom Beddard, did a great job in creating this ingenious piece of work.

This artwork deserves a rate of five stars. This algorithmic art is one of the most remarkable and creative designs in fractal art.

About the Woven Spiral

The Woven Spiral was created using Frax app for iPhone and iPad. This artwork is definitely one of Tom’s most striking and beautiful fractal works. There’s richness, intricacy and cleverness in every detail and stroke. The design is so appealing and mesmerizing to the eye which makes it very marketable to the public.

About the Artist

Tom Beddard is a talented visual artist who loves math and has studied physics as well. His works range from fractals, 3D fractals, simple structures, harmonographs, and simple attractors. He has greatly utilized his expertise on mathematical aesthetics which is clearly shown through the details and intricacies in his works.

Tom loves to work with simple mathematical and algorithmic processes. He prefers to write his own software and scripts so he can modify the results and make it interactive. His creative process has resulted masterpieces that are quite unexpected.

He has contributed his works in several books and magazines. Tom is the founder of the Hyper Digital Ltd. which provides content management systems for clients. He is currently a web developer and is an expert in e-commerce.

Thank you very much Tom Beddard for allowing us to post and share your Woven Spiral. If you wish to see more of his amazing artworks, you can check and visit his website.

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A person with a love and passion for puzzles.

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