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Artist: Miki-Squeak

I was really impressed when I saw this X-Ray Illusion drawing of Miki-Squeak. It shows her brilliance and great skill in applying anamorphic techniques for her 3 dimensional illustration. This creative work is a big success because it can play well with the perspective of its spectators. I am happy to rate this with 5 stars especially for the inventiveness.

About the X-Ray Illusion

The X-Ray Illusion is a 3D anamorphic art that was created by Miki-Squeak. She has exhibited her awesome talent in creating 3 dimensional drawings. She cleverly makes the paper work just like an X-Ray device and creates depth in the many details of her drawing. It is a fun and ingenious artwork that can definitely inspire other illustrators and entertain art fans.

About the Artist

Miki-Squeak is a visual artist from Singapore and she likes producing visually-stimulating traditional art and drawings. She is a member of deviant art, the largest online community for art and artist. She has a fun and quirky imagination which is reflected in her creative works.

Thank you very much Miki-Squeak for allowing us to post and share your X-Ray Illusion. If you wish to see more of her fascinating works, you can go and check out her deviant art website. 2013-2015 miki-squeak.

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