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Shoe to Wave Tessellations


I was fascinated to see this tessellation masterpiece of Oscar’s. It is a nature themed artwork and it clearly displays his brilliant ingenuity and talent. I find this tessellation artwork of Oscar’s fascinating because of the gradual transformation of waves into shoes and vice versa. Oscar has created this twist with his tessellation in order to stupefy the spectator.

About the Shoe to Wave Tessellations

This illustration exhibits the expertise of Oscar in photo manipulation and character design. I have learned that this illustration has been included in many talent displays and art galleries. Moreover, Oscar has created this tessellation [Read More...]


Creative DOOR


This Creative Door 3D artwork fascinates me. I admire the brilliant concept and rich imagination of Adnan for this piece of artwork. I find it inspirational and I would like to have it displayed inside my house. It does not look very colorful and it is not overly decorated, but I am sure that many viewers will be captivated with its simplicity.

About Creative DOOR

This optical illusion by Adnan looks simple but it can surprise anyone.  The open door in the picture appears to show that it is meant for entry and exit. Adnan has made this artwork simple [Read More...]


3D Sketch of Realistic Knife


I was astonished when I first saw this sketch of Andrews. I find the knife very realistic and I think that it is an awesome trick of the eye. I like the excellent shading. This 3D sketch is amazing and I wonder if I would also be able to learn how to draw like it. Alexander’s sketch has taken the 3D drawing to the next level. It is brain twisting to think about the shading technique which he used in order to make the knife pop out of the paper.

About the 3D Sketch of Realistic Knife

There is no [Read More...]


Hello My Name is Adnan Optical Illusion


When I had my first quick look at this picture, I thought that there was nothing special about it. I was curious what the optical illusion was, so I gazed at it longer and was surprised to see it moving closer to me as I winked my eyes. The words are zooming out and I was absolutely flabbergasted.

About Hello My Name is Adnan Optical Illusion

This optical illusion by Adnan looks simple but it can surprise anyone.  For every blink of the eye, the words zoom out. I have learned that moving illusions are static pictures where you can [Read More...]


A Nightmare Creature


At first, I thought that this picture was all about the peacock feathers. However, I can sense that there is something hidden in the picture. I tried looking more closely at the picture and I was surprised to see eyeballs and sharp teeth everywhere. It felt quite scary.

About A Nightmare Creature

This Nightmare Creature masterpiece features an optical illusion of stereoscopic depth created from a flat and 2D image. This stereogram made by Dimitriy may look like an abstract image. The patterns are noticeable but if you look at it in a special way, the hidden 3D picture will [Read More...]


Optical Illusion House


At first, I thought that this house was a balloon factory. I find this Illusion House interesting because the painted balloons look so real. The vibrant colors of the balloons are very noticeable. This picture can be tricky and will definitely catch the attention of anyone who sees it.

About the Optical Illusion House

I have learned that Ciaran has used the house as an actual “canvas” and painted directly on it this time. This picture was inspired by a big party that they have at their house every year.  Ciaran didn’t get to finish it completely – he actually [Read More...]


Crossview Helicosphaera Radiolaria Polycystina


In order to view this stereograph, I used the “Crossview” technique (this means unfocusing your eyes while looking at the object).  In order to observe the screen comfortably, I did this at a distance of about 50 – 60 cm away. As a first timer, I found it weird.  When I do it correctly it makes me a bit dizzy. Over all, it is worth trying because the results are truly amazing! You will know you are successful when you see a third image identical to the first two. Good luck.

About the Crossview Helicosphaera Radiolaria Polycystina

I have learned [Read More...]


Eagle-Owl on Hookah


This picture of an impossible object  is yet another peculiar artwork from the impossible world. The Eagle-Owl on Hookah is a striking artwork that totally puzzled me. You can see that the frame around the bird twists in an unrealistic way.

About the Eagle-Owl on Hookah

I am impressed with Nikol’s imagination. I find impossible images fascinating. Nikol’s excellent drawing of this Eagle-Owl has made me reflect on it’s plausibility.  I was absolutely flabbergasted by the imagination displayed by this illusion.

About the Artist

Lyubov Nikolayeva (alias NIKOL) was born in the town of Nikolayev, Ukraine. Nikol has been interested [Read More...]


Maternal Hands

Maternal Hands

Just like what is expected from any anamorphic work, this masterpiece features a disfigured projection or perception. I find this anamorphic piece fascinating. The maternal hands artwork is contorted in such a manner that it is only clear when seen in a certain way.  By looking into the mirror, the picture shows up neither twisted nor contorted and this is something that will definitely interest everyone.

About the Maternal Hands

The photograph of this “Maternal Hands” by Jonty Hurwitz was taken by Niina Keks and Otto Pierrotti. I have learned that Maternal Hands is an example of mirror anamorphosis. Jonty [Read More...]


3 Dimensional Optical Illusion Cube


This is another marvelous illusion artwork by Touik.  This is a 3 dimensional artwork and I find this digital art very interesting. The pattern can be seen on many optical illusion websites. The convex or concave cube is very common but this is the first time that I have seen them combined like this. I have learned that this combination is made with a “blender” and I think that this optical illusion masterpiece is nicely done.

About the 3 Dimensional Optical Illusion Cube

A 3-dimensional work of art is something that is not flat and occupies space. That is what [Read More...]


Blurry heart


The challenge for me when I saw the Blurry Heart illusion was to find where the background begins.  The heart appears to pulse in front of my eyes. I find it interesting to know that the deception doesn’t appear to happen when different mixes of colors are used or when the illusion is replicated in black and white. You can check out the black and white replication of the blurry heart to see what I mean.

About the image

I found out that Koshke Takahashi and his teammates Ryosuke Niimi and Katsumi Watanabe have theorized that illusory motion is prompted [Read More...]




This is yet another interesting impossible figures illusion from the impossible world website of Vicente Meavilla SeguÍ. This peculiar artwork cannot exist in reality.  I can see lots of geometric figures and I find the figures puzzling. The first time that I saw this impossible figures illusion of Vicente’s,  I wasn’t sure whether I was seeing a 2 dimensional or a 3 dimensional picture.

About the Eights

I have discovered that there are variety of cues used to form a three dimensional representation of the figure of interest. These include interposition, height-in-the-field, linear perspective, texture gradient, size, shading, and atmospheric [Read More...]


Rotating Circles


I absolutely love optical illusions. They never fail to surprise me and I really appreciate Mariam’s effort in creating such a tantalizing optical illusion! I have noticed that whenever I concentrate on one circle, the circle next to it appears to move.  Both circles move whenever I stare at the top or bottom of the illusion.

About Rotating Circles

This is a clever work by Mariam and I find this optical illusion excellent. The design and the delight of this illusion has made it of my favorites. It looks artistic and I can see the hard work of Mariam in [Read More...]


3D Sketch of Poking Out Pencils


I was stunned when I saw this drawing. I wasn’t sure if the pencils were really poking out of the page or not. The shading is excellent – it appears very 3 dimensional. I wonder if I could also learn how to draw like this. Alexander’s sketch has taken the 3D drawing to the next level. It made me curious to know the techniques he used to make the pencils jump off the page.

About the 3D Sketch of Poking Out Pencils

There is no doubt that 3D sketch art is getting popular. This is a kind of drawing that [Read More...]


3D Street Art Painting in Dunedin New Zealand


I really fell in love with the beauty of this 3D street art painting done in Dunedin New Zealand. I believe that it takes great talent to be able to paint something extraordinary. Leon’s work is excellent and I even wish to take a picture of myself with his 3 dimensional street art. For me, everything is amazing and very impressive.

About the 3D Street Art Painting in Dunedin New Zealand

I believe that Leon Keer’s paintings mirror his thoughts – confronting the viewer with the diseased spirit of our times; visible decay contrasting with a timeless longing for unspoiled [Read More...]




The first time that I saw this picture, I was quite puzzled. Was I seeing a 3D cartoon series about bees?  I love how this 3D optical illusion combines the artists drawing with real objects to create the illusion that the bees are in 3 dimensional space.  Ramon has used a great eye for detail.

About the Beezzz

I find this artwork fascinating, and it is definitely out of the ordinary because it is not just a simple 3D optical illusion but it also shows a funny story.  I like how Ramon has creatively used shading. His artwork is absolutely [Read More...]

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