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The first time that I saw this picture, I was quite puzzled. Was I seeing a 3D cartoon series about bees?  I love how this 3D optical illusion combines the artists drawing with real objects to create the illusion that the bees are in 3 dimensional space.  Ramon has used a great eye for detail.

About the Beezzz

I find this artwork fascinating, and it is definitely out of the ordinary because it is not just a simple 3D optical illusion but it also shows a funny story.  I like how Ramon has creatively used shading. His artwork is absolutely [Read More...]


Anomalous Motion Illusion with Ovals


When I saw the anomalous motion illusion, I felt quite dizzy. The image is static, but it appears that there’s a part of the figure that moves in a direction that is different from the rest. However, I still enjoyed looking at this visual design and it to amuses me every time I look at it. This visual illusion really messed with my eyes, yet it did not gave me a headache.

About the Anomalous Motion Illusions with Ovals

As I looked more and more at this illusion, the movement seemed to be more intense. I discovered that the circles [Read More...]


Cover up Street Illusion


I was absolutely astounded with this street illusion cover up artwork! It looks great and if I did not have the chance to see how Erik was setting it up, I will definitely find it hard to tell whether it was real or fake. I was thinking that this cover up street illusion could be used in shooting a film or advertisement. I was so impressed with how digital arts can be utilized to create a scene or background location.

About the Cover up Street Illusion

I believe that this cover up street illusion is truly inspiring. It doesn’t just [Read More...]


Hexagon Grid


I find this impossible figures illusion interesting. When I look at the figures, I try to interpret the picture as three dimensional.  I was surprised to find out that it is two dimensional and is a physically impossible object/grid. Pictures are by their very nature two-dimensional, however they often characterize three-dimensional objects. I am a fan of puzzles and I definitely love mind boggling challenges just like this Hexagon grid of Vlad.

About the Hexagon Grid

I found out that there are variety of cues that are used to form a three-dimensional representation of a figure. These include interposition, height-in-the-field, [Read More...]


Checkershadow Illusion

Checkershadow Illusion

I find this Checkershadow illusion of Edwards incredible.  Can “A” really be the same shade and color as “B”?  He uses shadows and neighboring colors to deceive the eye in regards to the shade of gray “paint” that belongs to the surface.  Edward did a nice job in creating the visual color illusion in this figure.

About the Checkershadow Illusion

I have learned that the first trick used here is based on local contrast. A check that is lighter than its neighboring checks appears lighter than average and vice versa. The second trick is based on the fact that shadows [Read More...]


After The Storm

After the Storm

I find this painting of Jim Warrens breathtaking. After the Storm is not just an ordinary beautiful picture – you can see that Jim has put an interesting twist to it. I was impressed with his brilliant work. This picture is like having a mystery, a story that is unknown and a secret to unravel. In my own perspective, it appears that the horses have entered into a new dimension and that they have come from a different world. This is just coming from my imagination. After all, a picture paints a thousand words.

About After the Storm

After the [Read More...]




I was enthralled to see this optical illusion by Scott Kim. I wish that I had the talent and skills to create my own illusion that is as clever as this. The ambigram looks modern and fascinating. I thought it was perfectly created and what truly amazes me is that I don’t need to rotate the picture to see that it is an ambigram.

About the Tron Symmetry 180 Degrees Rotation

This ambigram looks neat and simple but it will never fail to amuse anyone who sees it for the very first time. There is not much complexities in the [Read More...]


Dies Irae

mantua italy

I was completely stunned to see such a wonderful 3D artwork done on pavement and I believe that I am not the only person who finds it impressive. I can sense that Kurt has really given his whole heart and soul to this masterpiece because it really looks fantastic. Everything is so beautiful that and I can’t help but stare at every detail of it.

About the Dies Irae

This pavement 3D art in Mantua, Italy is one of the marvelous works by Kurt Wenner. I have learned that Dies Irae is a thirteenth-century Latin hymn. As depicted in this [Read More...]


Rotating Snakes


Of all the optical illusion artwork that I have searched online, the rotating snakes blows me away the most! It is almost magical and I consider it to be one of the most terrific visual illusions I have ever seen. Rotating snakes are circular snakes that appear to rotate spontaneously. I was really amazed with the fantastic illusion design of Akiyoshi Kiatoka. I was amused to see the circular snakes move and I definitely find it spectacular to look at. Akiyoshi really did a great job, and it is not surprising that the Rotating Snakes illusion is popular.

About the [Read More...]


Hand Popping Out 3D Art

Hand Popping Out 3D Art

The very first time that I saw this picture of a hand popping out of the sketch book, I was enthralled. I personally believe that it takes great talent in drawing and shading in order to create such a fantastic piece of 3D artwork. The angles of shading were striking.  I can even sense that the hand in the picture is trying to give me something.

About the Hand Popping Out 3D Art

This freehand work of Nagai Hideyuki is absolutely stunning!   The image appears to leap off the page.  This is one of many 3D images created by Nagai.


Zebra Barcode Art

Zebra Barcode Art

I find this clever piece of artwork both creative and funny.  I never thought that it would be possible to create such an amazing image with a bar code. Zebra Barcode Art really attracts my attention.  It is such a fabulous idea and a super unique design.

About the Zebra Barcode Art

This is one of the best digital arts that I have ever seen on the World Wide Web. I think that this could be a perfect gift that would surprise and delight your friends or loved ones. I found out that there is a variety of options for [Read More...]


The Pool


This incredible artwork was David’s first attempt to create a primitive image with non-photographic elements. The illusion of 3D depth in the artwork is fantastic. If you look carefully at the diving board, you will see that it is not physically possible in the real world. You can see that this image was created with a lot of hard work and the design of the pool is amusing to look at. The structure of the pool is unique and interesting to observe and study.

About the Pool

The pool was created using computer software and photography. The artist used digital [Read More...]



triple tribar

I just love impossible images, on first look they appear to be real, but as you look closer it is impossible. Andreas wonderful recreation of a Triple Tribar triangle is amazing. Try to follow the surfaces of his triangle and you will see what I mean.  He failed with his first attempt, but he kept trying until he was able to recreate it

This can absolutely challenge your mind. You will surely love to add this optical illusion to your favorite puzzles.

About the Author

Andreas Aronsson lives in Sweden and currently works as an IT Manager at a local [Read More...]


Brightness Illusions


Look carefully at the two large squares in the middle to the image. At first glance one looks like a light gray and the other one is dark gray.  Look again; both squares are exactly the same color. I tried this a couple of times just to make sure. Each time my brain was fooled. This is one of my favorite illusions.

About the Brightness Illusions

The Brightness Illusions show that the whole concept of an illusion is predicated on a misconception. This will help you realize that whenever you see an illusion, you are entertaining two realities simultaneously.

This [Read More...]


Love Hate Ambigram: John Langdon


This Love Hate ambigram is very cool. When you first look at it you see “hate”. Look carefully and you can see the word “love”. About the Ambigrams

Ambigrams are both interesting and fascinating. Ambigrams are also known as calligraphic design that can be able to squeeze two different readings into identical set of curves. There are many types of ambigrams like that of rotational, 3 dimensional, fractal, chain, mirror image and figure ground just to name a few. John Langdon’s Ambigrams are all fantastic and it could be a wonderful experience to discover and learn more about Ambigrams by checking [Read More...]


Which line is longer

which line is longer illusion

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