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Elevator Escape – Escape The Room


Elevator Escape is yet another escape the room game by 123bee.

Game story of Elevator Escape : While going to your apartment, you are trapped inside the elevator.

Object is to escape from the elevator by using the objects accordingly. Happy Puzzling!

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Q-Bitz – Puzzle Game


Q-bitz is an interesting puzzle game by game maker MindWare. Three different types of visual challenges make Q-bitz the perfect game for multiple playing styles.

Round One is all about speed as players race to manipulate their cubes to copy the pattern on the Q-bitz card. The first player to complete the pattern keeps the card.

Round Two adds luck to the equation, as players roll their cubes to match the pattern.

Round Three really tests brain power, as players must re-create the pattern from memory. Collect the most cards and win! Includes 120 Q-bitz cards, 4 [Read More...]

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Keripex Plus – Online Puzzle Game


Keripex Plus is the sequel to the popular online puzzle game Kerixep.

Object is to light up all squares without going over the same square twice. Start at the green square and fill up the complete game grid and work your way through fifty puzzling levels.

Next to the great game the best thing is the change between the levels. When you finished a level you automatically go to the next level. Happy Puzzling!


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Moving Memory – Memory With A Twist


Moving Memory is an original variant of the original classic Concentration game (aka memory), but this time with a twist..

In Moving Memory you pick the cards pair by pair until the pair matches. You win when you matched all the card pairs. This twist is that the game board will rotate during the game, this makes the game much more difficult and challenging. Happy Puzzling!


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Ozee – Physics Based Platform Puzzler


Ozee is a great physic based platform puzzle game in which you can interact with the world however you want.

Join Ozee in his journey and explore exciting land of puzzles. Use your keyboard to move Ozee. Try to collect as many stars as possible. More instruction are inside of the game. Happy Puzzling!


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Color Lock – Online Puzzle Game


Color Lock is Rubik’s cube style online puzzle game by Aftergames.

Object is to rotate the two disks so you end up with three solid colors (red on the left, yellow in the middle and green on the right side – as shown when you press the solution button at the bottom – this will not solve the puzzle but show you only the solution). Happy Puzzling!


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National Geographic Zipper’s Cave Maze


Zipper’s Cave Maze is another great online puzzle game for kids with National Geographic Kid’s virtual pet called Zipper.

Object of Zipper’s Cave Maze is to navigate Zipper through 20 levels of underground cave mazes. Use the arrow keys and the spacebar to play this game. Happy Puzzling!

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