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Dondola Jigsaw Furniture


So you live in a really, really expensive house. Or a really, really modern art sort of house. You’d like something odd, something nice, something wild. You’d like to try to find something made entirely out of metal, and shaped like a puzzle piece. Perfect! Here it is! The new Dondola furniture set by Defne Koz for Megaron. Made of stainless steel formed in a way that makes it suitable for the domestic environment.

These furniture bits use a new welding technology that allows completely seamless volumes with “no part-lines, no visible welding  [Read More...]

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Klikwerk – Point And Click Game by Bart Bonte


Klikwerk is the latest point and click game by Belgium game designer Bart Bonte (read our interview with Bart Bonte).

In Klikwerk (click work in English) you will need to remove all the items as quickly as possible, by pointing, clicking, dragging, dropping and hitting the space-bar, as you are told. You score points when you succeed in each of the task in time, the faster you react the more points you get. And don’t forget to switch on your speakers as this game creates a nice [Read More...]

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Layer Maze – 3D Online Labyrinth Puzzle Game


Layer Maze is an interesting 3D labyrinth online puzzle game with a twist.

In Layer Maze you are allowed to see only one layer of a 15x15x15 cube and need to reach an exit. The game is extremely easy to understand, but not that easy to pass.

Use arrow keys to move the ball through the mazes and hit A and Z to switch between the different layers. Happy Puzzling!


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Letris – Word Puzzle Game For iPhone


Letris is an addictive Word Puzzle Game for your iPhone in Scrabble style.

Object of Letris is to build words in order to keep the screen clean and tidy as long as possible. With this simple concept you will find your own tempo and you will get caught by its constant challenges, trying to beat your score every time you play.

Letris offers you different levels of difficulty to play, whether you want to take a relaxing game to exercise your mind, or an endurance race to prove yourself to your friends. [Read More...]

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The Sealed Living Room Escape


The Sealed Living Room Escape is yet another escape the room puzzle game by

Game story: I must drunk a lot at the party with my friends yesterday, and I had a big headache since waking up. When preparing to go to work, I realized I was locked in a strange house, with the weird door which has no handle and lock-hole. I didn’t know how to open it, so I shouted loudly for help,but nobody came. So I had to handle this only by myself. Happy Puzzling!

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Popopop 2 – Online Puzzle Game


Popopop is back with the next release of puzzle game Popopop 2, so get popping.

Object is to set off wonderfully colorful chain reactions and pop all the balls to win each level. Drag detonators from the left of the screen onto the game board. Place them next to balls of the same color to set them off popping. As you progress you will meet new and exciting balls that do different things and offer new challenges.

Also this time there are 42 challenging levels to beat and many more to be found in the user-created levels section where you [Read More...]

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Slicerix – Online Puzzle Game


Slicerix is a tricky physics based online puzzle game by

Slice objects to make same-colored objects collide. The minimalist visuals and simple game play are only a disguise for the complex puzzle solving. Can you crack all 25 levels. If you are stuck there is a Slicerix Walkthrough available. Happy Puzzling!


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