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Rubik’s Cube Decal


Stick on your wall this iconic cube for a great 3D effect. This large Rubik’s cube wall decal will look very original in your apartment or office.

Each pack contains: 1 Rubik’s cube 55x57cm approx (21,7×22,4 inches) and a “how to apply” instructions. Default colors for this cube are green and yellow and will cost you US$ 60. [via]. Happy Puzzling!

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Test Pilot – Skill/Puzzle Game


Test Pilot is a new skill/puzzle game by Armor Games.

In Test Pilot you’ll have to create a vehicle you can imagine with a large number of engines including jets, propellers and a range of other attachments. There are over twenty levels in this addictive skill/puzzle game. Happy Puzzling!


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Will Shortz Presents The Ultimate Book of Easy Sudoku: 300 Fun Puzzles


As someone who has purchased or rated “The New Puzzle Classics: Ingenious Twists on Timeless Favorites (Mensa)” by Serhiy Grabarchuk, you might like to know that “Will Shortz Presents The Ultimate Book of Easy Sudoku: 300 Fun Puzzles” will be released on October 13, 2009.

You can order yours by following the link below. Will Shortz Presents The Ultimate Book of Easy Sudoku: 300 Fun Puzzles for US$ 9.99 from Happy Puzzling!


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Civiballs 2 – Online Physics Puzzle Game


Civiballs 2 is the sequel to easy but brain teasing physics puzzle game Civiballs.

Object is to interact with the environment to get the balls to the correct place. Choose your country of civilization (Rome, Inca or Vikings) to play and solve the puzzles by cutting the chains and other helpful objects provided. If you get stuck, you can just try another civilization. Happy Puzzling!


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IHT Sudoku = Windoku


John sent me last week an e-mail about a (for me) new type of Sudoku Puzzle which is published in the paper version of The International Herald Tribune.

Next to the nine grids in normal Sudoku puzzles this Sudoku variant has four extra grids which are shaded. Each of the nine grids and the four shaded grids must contain the numbers 1-9.

For now I will call this Sudoku variant ‘IHT Sudoku’, but looking for the original name. And I am also looking for information on where to find more of this Sudoku variant, as on the IHT website the [Read More...]

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World’s Largest Jigsaw Puzzle by Albert Heijn


As announced a few days ago Dutch supermarket AH tried to complete the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle.

On October 7th 2009, Dutch supermarket Albert Heijn (part of major international supermarket operator Ahold) completed the world largest jigsaw puzzles.

Clients of almost 600 Albert Heijn supermarkets completed 4800 parts with each 252 jigsaw pieces of the world’s largest jigsaw puzzle and completed the final jigsaw puzzle in the Olympic Stadium of Amsterdam.

On the picture are professional footballers of all current Dutch premier league teams in action in the original outfit from the fifties. Ajax player [Read More...]

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Back To The Cubeture – Online Puzzle Game


Back To The Cubeture is a brand new puzzle game on NewGround.

Cuboy, is sent off on an devastatingly adventurous mission full of wonder, mystery and…. silliness. It actually plays quite like an interactive version of a regular Cuboy episode but of course there’s much more to it than that. Happy Puzzling!


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