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Chocolate Castle Puzzle


Chocolate Castle is a sliding block puzzle for Mac OSX.

To complete the sliding puzzle, you must clear the room of chocolate with a team of hungry little animals. There are four types of chocolate – dark, fudge, white and strawberry; and four matching types of animals to eat them with – a dog, a bear, a rabbit and a pig.

The tricky part is shifting the chocolate into large connected blocks that the animals can devour in one go. As you move through the castle, you’ll discover more puzzling trickery made from exploding Turkish delight, snakes, slippery [Read More...]

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Create Your Own Bugzzle


Do you love puzzles and also like to create your own puzzles? Than please read this article (if not go to the end of the article and directly download two Bugzzle puzzles).

At Photoshoproadmap, you can find a very detailed tutorials called Create a colorful Print-and-Play puzzle for your kids with Photoshop. This five page tutorial explains how to create your own Bugzzle (also known as Triazzle and Magic Triangle). It explains how to create glossy looking shapes and text, how to add proper shadows, how to build the puzzle board and itís [Read More...]

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Ice Cream Bar Puzzle


Some people have a passion for puzzles and write about that on a blog, then others have the same passion and even another passion for food and combine both.

Derrick Schneider loves as well good food (and wine) next to puzzles. On his website call An Obsession with Food he has an article about an ice cream bar shaped puzzle which I really like.

The Dovetial Bar puzzle is designed by Norman Sandfield and his brother Robert. They designed many Dovetail puzzles over the course of [Read More...]

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Triball – 3D Tic Tac Toe Puzzle Game


Triball is a portable, playable and three-dimensional games for three players. In short Triball is an addictive 3D version of tic-tac-toe designed for three players, but it’s a whole lot more than that!

The stage for the puzzle is a transparent plastic cube with nine columns, each three spaces deep. Each player then plays with one of the three sets of colored balls; red, yellow and blue. And the object of the game is to be the first to get three balls in a row, in any direction.

It’s simple but with the extra person bringing the gamers to three [Read More...]

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Hexa-Trex Math Puzzles


Today I received an email from Bogusia Gierus about his website with lovely math puzzles he created called Hexa-Trex.

These Hexa-trex math puzzles which can also be used by math teachers to use during their math classes are very interesting and challenging. There are Hexa-trex math puzzles available at the website but there is also a game version available.

The Hexa-trex math puzzles are available in different levels and can be made as complex at you want. Happy Puzzling!

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Fulfillment – Online Puzzle Game


Fulfillment is a very addictive Flash Puzzle which will keep you busy for hours, probably even longer than planned.

You have to take the pieces provided on the left side of the board and put them into the square on the right side. Fulfillment is a combination of Tangram and Tetris.

The catch is that you can’t rotate the pieces, which gets extra challenging in higher levels when there are strangely shaped pieces. The hardest part is that every puzzle has a time limit, so if you donít make the square in time it’s game over for you.

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Rotate≤ – Online Puzzle Game


After the flash puzzle game Rotate where you have to rotate squares to get the right picture there is now Rotate≤ where you have to rotate the pipes so that all ends are closed.

Do it quickly so your Brain Score stays up as high as possible. You can find both Rotate Flash puzzles for free at Games For The Brain dot com next to some more lovely Flash puzzle games.

By the way don’t forget to check out their mobile puzzle game page where you can find some puzzle games like [Read More...]

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