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Jigsaw Cookie Cutter


Little ones will love helping out in the kitchen with this metal jigsaw piece cutter. Especially as they’re allowed to play with their food!

It provides endless fun for kids and is popular with adults, too. Imagine the effect of pieces running down the center of a party table, or individual jigsaw piece biscuits being decorated with different children’s names.

Dimensions of the jigsaw cookie cutter are: Depth 2cm x Width 9.5cm and will cost you 4.00. Available at Cox and Cox. Happy Puzzling!


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GROW nano Vol. 2 – Online Puzzle Game


GROW is one of my favorite online puzzle games. GROW is clever and original and sometimes simple but short puzzles with a nice design and lovely music.

At Eyezmaze you can find a lot of GROW puzzle games (GROW cube, GROW RPG, GROW nano and GROW ver. 1 ver. 2 and ver. 3). GROW puzzle are a series of online puzzle games by Eyezmaze which involve adding various items into the puzzle game world.

Depending on the order of addition, previously added items will “grow” and interact with each other. To complete the game, the player must discern [Read More...]

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MOTAS Adventure


MOTAS (Mystery Of Time And Space) is an online graphic adventure game, by Jan Albertus, in which the adventurer has to solve riddles and puzzles, find and use objects, escape from locked rooms, find hidden passages throughout the adventure.

The adventurer has also to be a detective and examine everything to unlock the doors of the mystery of time and space. Happy Puzzling!

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Souko – Block Puzzle


Souko is a Japanese block puzzle game.

In this Klotski puzzle you have to move fruit in stead of blocks. Green apple = 1, cherries = 2, banana = 3, grapes = 4 (you need this from round four onwards). So, pressing green apple to cherries yields banana (1+2=3). But pressing cherries to apple yields cherries only. Pressing the same fruits together would cancel them.

Your goal is to cancel all fruits in each stage. Use the arrow keys to push fruit around in Souko, press space to restart stage. Happy Puzzling!

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Block Puzzle – Online Puzzle Game


Block Puzzle is just another Block Puzzle in Flash. Block puzzle are also known as Klotski (wooden blocks translated from Polish).

Klotski puzzles are sliding block puzzle and sometimes it only refers to the block arrangement where a block must move to a marked location like in e.g. Rush Hour.

Block Puzzle offers you twenty levels of another addicting Klotski puzzle. Happy Puzzling!


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Sudoku for Blackberry


Sudoku is the brainteaser that is now available for your Blackberry.

Fill in the blanks without repeating digits in every row, column, and box. The challenge comes from having to fill a 9×9 grid so that every row, column and 3×3 box within the grid contains the digits 1-9. More tips on how to Solve Sudoku is available at our Passion for Puzzles webpage.

Sudoku for Blackberry features: - Play 200 puzzles in four difficulty levels, from Easy to Genius. - Choose your favorite flavor of Sudoku among four pleasing grid styles and the classic Sudoku grid. - [Read More...]

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Online Matchstick Puzzles


I think everybody tried to solve some matchstick puzzles when they were young. According to Wikipedia matchstick puzzles are rearrangement puzzles in which a number of matchsticks are arranged as squares, rectangles or triangles.

The problem to solve is usually formulated as : move n (some specified number) matchsticks to make m (another specified number) squares (or triangles, or rectangles).

Now you can also solve six matchstick puzzles online at Zefrank dot com. More information and some links to more matchstick puzzles you can find at Wikipedia. Happy Puzzling!

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