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Oldest Puzzle Ever called Monkey Puzzle Nut


Puzzles do not normally grow on trees – but this one is the exception! The proper name for the tree that the nut comes from is Xylocarpus granatum, but it is also known as the Patience Tree or the Cannonball Mangrove. It is found in East Africa and Southeast Asia, and the wood is used locally for making canoes and also for the production of charcoal. The fruit can be the size of a large orange, or even bigger, and in the middle is a woody capsule containing a number of seeds.

The number of seeds can vary apparently, with [Read More...]

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Color Sudoku


Color Sudoku is inspired by the world famous Japanese game, this 9×9 grid has to be filled with nine different colors instead of the usual nine numbers from 1 to 9. Color Sudoku will show you patterns and logic’s not easily found on regular numbered Sudoku’s. If you have a Mac you can give it a try and you will see.

A continuous range of difficulty provides more control over your desired playing level. All nine colors are changeable (if you don’t like any of the original ones). Color placements and color annotations are easy to pick through a multicolor [Read More...]

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Bronze Rubik’s Cube


A fully functional, reproduction of a Rubik’s Cube, hand cast in white bronze. It was cast in such a way as to have even shrinkage, but an unstable and rough surface.

After being cast in bronze, and assembled, it was treated by being buried in a mixture of dirt, various acids and salts, inside of a hand made birch box designed to keep the environment moist, but also to allow some passage of air and water, for about a year.

Marshallastor completed this piece in college, in 1999. He just finally got around to properly photographing it. A long winded [Read More...]

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Trioncube – DS Puzzle Game


This is where Trioncube (Nintendo DS) starts: The evil Hell Metal has kidnapped your Princess! As the Captain of the mighty ship Penko, you will embark on a journey to return her to safety.

Reach your goal by using blocks to provide your ship Penko with fuel – a series of 3×3 blocks, or Trioncube, will start a chain reaction that fuels your ship If you break the series of 3×3′s or you over stack, all the blocks turn into coins and the chain is broken. Can you continue the action without losing your rhythm, and [Read More...]

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Puzzle Purse


Lily Latifi has a lot of different designer products and some of those products are inspired by jigsaw puzzle pieces.

Just like this puzzle purse from the ‘yek-o-yek’-collection. The puzzle purse is made of 100% leather (size 10 x 16 cm) in the colors white, red and chocolate. Happy Puzzling!

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Valentine Rubik’s Cube


Still looking for a present for Valentine than Party City has a Rubik’s Cube in Valentine colors and six different love symbols for you.

Okay it is a smaller version of the original Rubik’s Cube, but it is the thought that counts. Happy Puzzling!

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Mirror Puzzle


Puzzles can be a lot of fun to assemble, but after all the excitement of putting it together, the picture is always the same.

Enter the Mirror Puzzle: Instead of an unchanging static image, the Mirror Puzzle displays an image of whatever happens to be reflected at the moment use it as a centerpiece or experiment with thousands of other possibilities.

Next to that I also think it is much more difficult to put this puzzle together because any reference is missing. Mirror Puzzle comes with a Lucite top (acrylic glass) and base, is designed by Tobias Wong and [Read More...]

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