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Rubik’s Cube Clock


By the time the Rubik’s Cube had passed critical mass in the early 80s, it had sold a total of 250 million units worldwide. The mania crested nearly two decades ago but the recognizable toy is still being sold and licenses are still being granted for products based on the best-selling puzzle.

Banpresto hooks onto the Rubik franchise and plans two wall clocks which feature Rubik’s Cube designs. The first clock sports yellow, red, blue, and white colors with the Rubik’s Cube logo slightly off-center. The second clock shows a Cube in mid-twist with the logo on the right side [Read More...]

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Rubik’s Cube Cushion


In 1974, Erno Rubik invented the contraption that would eventually become known as the Rubik’s Cube.

The toy consisted of twenty-seven miniature cubes which made up the Cube in a 3x3x3 array. Although few players would ever solve the puzzle with its 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 possible combination’s, the Rubik’s Cube went on to sell a hundred million units to a worldwide audience in the early 80′s.

In the ensuing decades, the Rubik’s Cube craze faded although it still sells roughly half a million units per annum. To recapture some of that old time magic, Banpresto releases a Rubik’s cushion which measures 30cm [Read More...]

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BSG Sudoku Game for Girls


Sudoku is for all ages, but now Sudoku is also used to help girls aged between 9 and 13.

A brand called The Beacon Street Girls (BSG) uses Sudoku and as one of their activities to be committed to the health and well being of girls between nine and thirteen.

The mission of the BSG company is to provide the kind of positive role models and empowering messages that help girls believe in themselves whatever their challenges. This is supported by a website where girls can play puzzles like Sudoku.

At passion for puzzle we will help [Read More...]

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Cyberbox – Online Puzzle Game


Lightforce Games made a a lot of flash puzzles all by Nick Kouvaris.

One of these puzzle I like very much. CyberBox is a puzzle game of thinking ahead. There are seventeen levels (called rooms) for you to solve.

The object of each room is simply to get to the exit. The exit is the passageway located above the very top center tile. Once you reach the exit of a room you immediately enter next room. Each room is simply a 15×10 layout of boxes and blank spaces.

There are different kind of boxes. Cyberbox [Read More...]

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Text Sudoku Puzzles Game in the UK


A text Sudoku game has been launched, allowing users to complete puzzles by texting missing numbers to a shortcode number.

The game has been released by The Times newspaper and mobile and wireless services company Divine. Puzzles are printed in the newspaper and players can text in the numbers to solve the puzzle.

It costs 1 to play. The game will run indefinitely and there is a chance to win 1000 everyday.

Mobile Operator O2 Active released a Suduko puzzle service in August this year which allows users to download suduko games to their handset for [Read More...]

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Glyph – Mobile Puzzle Game


Save the dying world of Kuros by reassembling ancient glyphs hidden beneath layers of rock and glistening stones.

Clear groups of like-colored gemstones to break through the layers of rock and reveal the glyphs. Several different types of power-up will aid you in your task. Progress through 5 elemental areas and 125 levels to complete Quest mode, or explore the simpler challenge of over 100 levels in Action mode.

Glyph for Palm OS and Windows Mobile is based upon the highly-acclaimed PC game from Sandlot Games. With its beautiful graphics, ethereal soundtrack and atmospheric sound effects, Glyph is the perfect [Read More...]

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Personalized Rubik’s Cube


Are you looking for your personalized Rubik’s Cube? Then this special frame can display one photo per each side of the cube, making a total of 6 different photos in one product. Each photo is split into nine separate squares that measure 2 cm each so the photo can become a bit irregular, but that is just a small detail right?

The Photo Rubik’s Cube comes in black and you must provide six digital photos that will afterwards become part of the cube mania. The personalized Rubik’s Cube will cost you US$26 at PersonalizationMall and will [Read More...]

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