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Sudoku Station including Rainbow Sudoku


At Station Software you can download a free trail version of Sudoku Station. Sudoku Station allows you to play the popular puzzle game Sudoku with an integrated help system. This integrated help system walks you through any Sudoku ,puzzle, giving you progressively more advanced hints as you complete the game.

Use Sudoku Station to play the included games or easily add your own from other sources. Sudoku Station will analyze each game, and help you solve the game by suggesting hints as you play. If you unlock the secret “Rainbow Sudoku” game and play with colors instead [Read More...]

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Solve Rubik’s Cube


Solving Rubik’s Cube can be done less than 11 second puzzle or an 11 years puzzle.

If it take you too long to solve Rubik’s Cube or just want to learn another method to solve Rubik’s Cube then you can visit Casey Cardwell Rubik’s Cube page Rubik’s Cube Solution website with the solution how to solve Rubik’s Cube from any mixed up position.

There are mathematical theorems that say the cube can be solved from any mixed up position in 17 turns. Happy Puzzling!

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Contest proves tough for code breakers


In May this year I already wrote an article about the Sin and Vengeance Contest. Until now the Sin and Vengeance puzzle has not been solved.

Many newspaper readers enjoy the challenge of the daily crossword or crypto-quote. Recently, this interest has ballooned into a national obsession with Sudoku, jumbles and other puzzles.

It may be the pervasiveness of computers that spurred more of us to crave an analytical challenge, but puzzles are making appearances in other media. The Rule of Four, by Ian Caldwell and Dustin Thomason spotlighted an ancient text riddled with codes [Read More...]

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Erno Rubik signature sold for 26.00


Last week at eBay you could bid on a signature of Erno Rubik.

The inventor of the world famous, multi-million selling Rubik’s Cube signed an envelope with a flourish.

The signature on a standard DL white envelope (110x220mm) has been sold for 26.00. The money is donated to the National Literacy Trust.

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Stained Glass – Online Puzzle Game


At you can find some very nice Flash puzzle Games. My favorite is Stained Glass Puzzle.

You have to drag each colored panel onto the left-hand window to match colors both vertically and horizontally.

There are 5 stages. Just as your are probably used to do when solving a jigsaw puzzle start with the border and corner pieces.

The only thing they can improve is the used colors, it’s sometimes hard to see the difference between the darker colors used. Happy Puzzling!


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Planets Puzzle – Puzzle Game


The Planets game is an extremely fun and challenging puzzle that involves rotating the planets so that each side of the pyramid has its own color.

Rotating the planets can be a challenge on its own as planets have craters which may lock up if not positioned properly. Work around the planets until you reach your objective.

This highly addictive little puzzle requires lateral thinking and strategic planning! Recommended for ages 8 and older.

Buy Planets Puzzle at Amazon or Physlink’s estore. Happy Puzzling!

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Lonpos – Pyramid and Rectangle Puzzle Game


After yesterdays article about Scramble Squares today another article about an Award Winning Puzzle called Lonpos by Mic O Mic Americas Inc.

According to Dr. Toy this is a unique puzzle that challenges children to strategic games in two formats: 2D, where there are 76 pre-set problems to solve (you can set your own additional ones) and 3D Pyramids, where there are 25 pre-set problems to solve (again, you can set your own additional ones).

To play 2D games, take out the 12 colorful pieces of puzzles from the box [Read More...]

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