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Connect 2 – Online Puzzle Game


Connect 2 is a simple but addictive Flash Puzzle game which you can play at Free Online Games. It’s is some kind of memory puzzle but now you have to connect pairs of matching tiles by creating a path between them and clear all the tiles before the time runs out (there are different kind of kitchen appliances on the tiles).

This is a time based challenging puzzle game where you need to concentrate hard to find pairs of matching tiles to make them disappear. You must create a path between the two matching tiles but [Read More...]

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The Queen’s Jewels – Online Puzzle Game


The Queen’s Jewels is yet another variant of the world famous puzzle game Bejeweled, but this time with a twist.

In this version you have to move the columns or spin the dial to match 3 or more of the same colored gems.

Lovely games which will keep you puzzling for hours. Happy Puzzling!


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Rubik’s Cube Illuminated Speakers


Via Gizmodo I found these lovely Illuminated Rubik’s Cube Speaker System.

Just plug this 110 mm-tall (4 inch) decorative puzzle into your iPod and watch the 27 light patterns sparkle to the beat. Or, if silence is your preferred modality, you can simply watch it glow.

The speakers will be released only in Japan end of October. No specs are available yet and will cost 5000 yen (US$ 45). Happy Puzzling!

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Qobix – Online Puzzle Game


Qobix is simple but addictive flash puzzle game which you can play online for free.

You have to your little Q dude around a pyramid of lighted blocks. When you step on a block, it changes color. Change all the block tops to the right color and you will move on to the next level.

Don’t forget to use the flying saucer pads. Happy Puzzling!


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RuBot II – The Rubik’s Cube Solving Robot


At I read about a new version of a robot called RuBot II which solves Rubik’s Cube. Solving Rubik’s Cube is one thing, but building a real looking robot solving Rubik’s Cube is really something else.

RuBot II has been built by Pete Redmond from Dublin in Ireland. It has to be the coolest looking robot solver ever with sound and music. There are cameras in the eyes of the head that scan the cube before the pneumatic arms solve it. It usually solves the Cube in a max of about 50 seconds (not including [Read More...]

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Capcom Puzzle World for PSP


This week Capcom Puzzle World for PSP will be released, as the title will remain a European exclusive for a full month before it sees U.S. release.

Capcom Puzzle World is a whole new compilation of puzzle games for the PSP, including Puzzle Fighter and games from the Buster Bros series for all puzzle fans.

No Japanese release date has yet been announced. Via Gamasutra. Happy Puzzling!

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Prepare for Futoshiki Puzzle Fever


Last Saturday there was an article in an English newspaper called The Guardian.

It is about a new Japanese puzzle called Futoshiki which can be linked to Sudoku Puzzles. I looked at their website but could not find any puzzle called Futoshiki, so probably it will only be in the paper version of The Gardian.

Feel free to e-mail a Futoshiki puzzle or related information to Passion for Puzzles, at this moment I cannot find information about futoshiki puzzles via search engines, flickr etc..

For those how are interested please read the complete article.

If you were [Read More...]

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