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Recycled Puzzles


Last week I received a brochure in my mailbox from FostPlus. They are an accredited body and take care of fulfilling the take-back obligation of the parties responsible for household packaging that are members of FOST Plus.

In their brochure they say that from ten recycled drink cartons they can make one jigsaw puzzle. Well I wanted to know more about this kind of recycling and browsed their website for more information and also searched Google. But now luck:-(

If you can help me with more information or if you know somebody who [Read More...]

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The secret to solving Sudoku’s


At Andrew has a very interesting collection of methods to solve Sudoku. I discovered some new methods to solve Sudoku’s.

All techniques are divided in three kind of methods. Basic Strategies contains the methods like Naked Pairs, Naked Triples, Naked Quads, Hidden Pairs, Hidden Triples, Hidden Quads and Intersection Removal.

The next page contains the Fishy Strategies consisting of methods like X-Wing, Sword-Fish, Jelly-Fish, Multivalue-X-Wing, Turbo-Fish, Finned X-Wing, Sashimi Finned X-Wing.

And the last page contains the Advanced Strategies like Singles Chains a.k.a Simple Colouring, Multi-Colouring, [Read More...]

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Battleship Sudoku


Via Puzzle weblog Puzzlinks I found a few days ago a very nice variation of Sudoku, called Battleship Sudoku.

The first (and less preferred by the author) is to put a “minifleet” in a Sudoku grid and fill the empty spaces with numbers according to Sudoku rules.

The second method puts numbers on the fleet of ships so that a correct arrangement of ships will provide clues to solve the Sudoku.

The author prefers the last one. I really like them as already mentioned in a comment; Battleship Sudoku could be as famous as Sudoku. [Read More...]

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The Mammoth Book of IQ Puzzles


Yesterday I received an email from Amazon with a few recommendations based upon the books I already bought.

This time there was also a book recommended called The Mammoth Book of IQ Puzzles. It is a paperback version with 512 pages and published by Carroll & Graf.

Amazon gives the following description for this puzzle book: This brilliant new puzzle collection from the creators of the hugely successful The Mammoth Book of Puzzles and The Mammoth Book of Astounding Puzzles features a cumulative IQ scoring system based on the new Haselbauer-Dickheiser Test for Exceptional Intelligence, recently used to find the [Read More...]

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Life Sudoku


At you can’t ‘solve online Sudoku’ puzzles for free anymore as the service has been discontinued.

Update from : Though well-loved by the LIFE staff, Sudoku didn’t fit into the redesign of, but click around the site to try out our new games like “Real or Fake.” We may develop a photo version of Sudoku in the future. Stay tuned.

This online version of Sudoku offers you some very interesting options. Next to the Sudoku puzzle with four levels (easy, medium, hard and expert), you’ve got instructions, the option to print the Sudoku [Read More...]

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Carol Vorderman goes Play Station


Empire Interactive PLC said it has entered a deal whereby SCi Entertainment Group PLC’s games software unit Eidos Interactive will distribute Carol Vorderman’s Sudoku in North America.

Sudoku will be released on PlayStation 2, PSP (PlayStation Portable), and PC for Windows. The game will include video tutorials featuring Vorderman.

Empire Interactive CEO Ian Higgins said, ‘The ever increasing popularity of Sudoku in the US bodes very well for the release of the game for the Christmas season.’

Via Life Style Extra

Please find here articles and video’s with Carol Vorderman’s Sudoku Tutorial Video’s [Read More...]

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Rubik’s Cube Tutor for Beginners

Rubikscubetutor announces its latest software offering, Rubik’s Cube Tutor for Absolute Beginner which trains a beginner as young as ten year-old how to solve the Rubik’s Cube using just three simple tricks, sufficient to solve the very difficult puzzle.

This software is designed to win over millions of frustrated Rubik’s Cube owners and a new generation of youngsters who have never touched a Rubik’s Cube. It teaches a solution which is easy to learn and intuitive.

Learning how to solve the Rubik’s Cube has never been easier: simply complete the 3 tutorials (each with 11 drills) and become [Read More...]

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