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Puzzle Japan vs Nikoli


During a regular check on the PassionForPuzzles web site I found out that the Puzzle Japan website does not longer exist (broken link).

You are kindly requested to visit the Nikoli website. I think this is strange because last month they gave free access to all their puzzles (like Sudoku, Kakuro and nurikabe) as posted by Puzzlinks and Zotmeister. So it is time to update your bookmarks. Happy Puzzling!

You can also buy other Nikoli Slitherlink puzzle books from


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Hand Made Sudoku’s


A few years ago I received an email in which they offered me a puzzle book if placed a link to their website. Well I did and a few weeks later I received a slitherlink puzzle book from Nikoli. And to be honest I really liked their Slitherlink puzzles. A long time they sold their puzzle books also online. The only downside is that you can not pay by credit card (you have to use paypal). While browsing their website I also found out that Nikoli makes well made and hand made Sudoku’s. And as they at Nikoli [Read More...]

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Puzzle Alarm Clock


This is the puzzle alarm clock that is guaranteed to wake you up! Nobody sleeps through this! It wakes you up by firing four puzzle pieces up in the air, and then it is your task to get the pieces and put them back in the alarm clock – it won’t turn off until then.

Sleep well and wake up puzzling!

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Sudoku Clip Flash Drive


Get hooked on Sudoku and keep digital files safe with the new Clip Flash Drive from Imation Corp.

Just in time for back to school, the high capacity Imation Clip Flash Drive lets students carry summer vacation photos and favorite beach tunes – and of course class notes and school projects – between home, school, the library or computer lab.

And whether you’re new to Sudoku or an expert, you can solve puzzles right from your PC using the full version of the gaming software that comes with the drive and includes four difficulty levels – easy, medium, hard and [Read More...]

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Jerry Slocum Puzzle Room


Puzzle enthusiast and author Jerry Slocum has donated his immense puzzle collection to IU’s Lilly Library. The collection includes more than 30,000 mechanical puzzles and nearly 4,000 puzzle-related books.

Beginning Wednesday, 400 pieces from the donated puzzle collection, including hands-on examples, will be on display in a newly refurbished area of the Lilly Library that will be named the Jerry Slocum Puzzle Room, said Jillian Hinchliffe, Lilly Library curatorial assistant.

Visitors to the Lilly Library will be able to test their wits by trying to reassemble or disentangle replicas of puzzles that have entertained for centuries, according to a press [Read More...]

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Giraffe Poses Maize Puzzle


Maze lovers ventured into the safari world as they took on a giant giraffe puzzle in Whaplode (UK).

Maze in Maize opened for its second season on Saturday and is the brainchild of farmer Lance Whittington. The shape of the new larger layout was a closely guarded secret until the opening weekend, which attracted 150 visitors. The maize, planted and shaped by hand, is currently around four to six feet tall but will grow up to eight feet.

There is a circular maze for children, which is impossible to get lost in, an idea Mr Whittington came up with after [Read More...]

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Puzzle For Kids at Applebee’s


Applebee’s Qatar (Foodvest Company) has launched recently the Mr. Apple and tiny bee children program at both Applebee’s Restaurants.

Nathan Hughes the Applebee’s Regional Senior Manager, HR and training stated that this great program has been launched regionally as our commitment to children by providing nutritious meals along with educational games and activities.

Mr Apple and Tiny bee programme is great for kids as it enhance thinking through puzzles, number games and maps added Medhat Yassin Al Jassim Group Marketing Manager. Happy Puzzling!

Via: The Peninsula

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