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Toys for the Brain


Toys For The Brain dot com is a new website where you can rediscover the extraordinary relationship between yourself and your brain. Dedicated at creating a community, gathering all lovers of brain teaser, enigma and riddle, their goal is to have the greatest number of quality puzzles, allowing the biggest fanatics to submit their own creation and challenge the best players.

To be certain to offer net surfers puzzles of the highest quality, users can rate each puzzle for the level of difficulty and for how much fun it was to solve. Multiple [Read More...]

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Crazy Cube – Online Puzzle Game


Go mad is an addicting online puzzle game by

The object of Crazy Cube is to connect every pair of colored markers on three sides of a cube.

On my laptop I had to move the cube around and connect the colored markers by using the touch-pad which worked perfectly. I am used to use the touch-pad in stead of using a mouse on a notebook. The movement of the cube and drawing the colored lines to connect a pair of colored markers just works intuitively and very smooth. All black cells are blocked.

For [Read More...]

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Your personal Cryptex


If your are looking for a lovely personal gift for a puzzle lover than the Cryptex is something for you.

The Cryptex is modeled after a device believed to have been invented by Leonardo da Vinci as an instrument for delivering private messages. A secret code unlocks the cryptex (by aligning the seven rotating tumblers in a sequence matching the code), providing access to a hidden-chamber key in which a gift-treasure is placed.

It is also possible to arrange the characters on the tumblers such that “hidden codes” (words or other character sequences that appear on other tumbler faces when [Read More...]

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Sudoku Combat – Multiplayer Sudoku


Being bored playing Sudoku alone ? Well Marc Belmont created Sudoku Combat [link updated].

This browser-based multi-player version of the popular Sudoku puzzle offers you a new experience for those that prefer a more competitive challenge. If you just want to practice solving Sudoku’s there is also Sudoku Basic (one player version).

Enter a user name, or just play as guest, select a puzzle difficulty (easy, medium, hard or evil) and then choose to play against a friend or a another visitor of the Sudoku Combat website and race to the finish.

At the beginning of a [Read More...]

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Puzzle Bubble – Online Puzzle Game


Via Ventonline I found a very addictive online puzzle called Puzzle Bubble which is a classic Arcade Game original by Taito in 1986.

One of the great things about the original Puzzle Bubble game was all of the different hidden things that were discovered by playing the game. Basically you had to clear each room of all the enemy to let you advance to the next room. You did this by trapping the enemy inside you bubbles and then bursting the bubbles.

Along the way you could pick up power ups and extra weapons that were only available for that [Read More...]

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Rubik’s Sudoku – Puzzle Game


Finally I have added another Rubik’s puzzle game called Rubik’s Sudoku to my puzzle collection.

Rubik’s Sudoku  comes in a nice box (like most puzzles I have from Think fun – formerly known as Binary Arts) with a small drawer where you can store pieces of the Sudoku puzzle and the booklet. In this booklet you can find tips and a explanation how to solve Sudoku’s and 100 Sudoku puzzles at different levels.

Buy Rubik’s Sudoku from Happy Puzzling!

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The Science Behind Sudoku


In June’s 2006 edition of the Scientific American there is an article about “The Science behind Sudoku,” written by Jean-Paul Delahaye.

In this article he explains the rules of Sudoku, its history and strategies, as well as methods of generating Sudoku puzzles are all in this article. Delahaye also deals with the maximal and minimal number of given starting squares that still guarantee a unique solution: 77 and 17, respectively (the latter has not been proven, but no one has found a Sudoku puzzle with 16 squares filled in that has a [Read More...]

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