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Bridge Constructor


Have you ever been to the Island nation of Camatuga? Neither have I Ė I donít think it even exists. Bridge Constructor allows you to explore the Island while building bridges. Players can build their bridges over rivers, canals or even deep valleys. After the player has completed the bridge, they perform a stress test to see whether the completed bride can withstand the stress from trucks and cars that use it.

One of the best things is that the game allows the player to choose what materials to use when building their [Read More...]

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Floor is another unique Packing Puzzle from Jean Claude Constantin. This unusual mosaic is reminiscent of a honeycomb pattern, albeit having pentagons instead of hexagons. The puzzle itself looks like it consists of 19 pieces, but in reality only the inner 7 pieces are removable.

The puzzle is made of three layers of what appears to be plywood. The top of the pieces are very well polished and feel smooth to the touch. Size-wise it’s a small puzzle, measuring only 12 x 10.5cm (4.7″ x 4.1″).

The pieces of the Floor puzzle are also very unusual. Each piece [Read More...]

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Mate in 3? Ok! chess puzzle app

Mate in 3

‘Mate in 3? Ok!’ is the title of this chess app.† The program has 210 problems. There are 10 free levels and I’ve done them all.† The next 200 levels cost $1.99. Which comes to 1 penny per puzzle.

I know lots of people are reluctant to make such a purchase but are perfectly happy to spend $4.50 on a cup of coffee that lasts 15 minutes.

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Red Stone


Red Stone for the Android OS is a new take on an old concept.† It seems easy at first; simply get the big red Android alien to the other end of the level. Once you start playing however you soon realize that this game is super addicting and very challenging. The first level is easy enough but the second level really requires some critical thinking and puzzle solving skills as you slide blocks around to get the alien to the other side.

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Adams Cube

Adams Cube

On a scale of difficulty of 1-5; this is a 1. The Adams Cube is actually a simpler version of the classic Chinese Tangram puzzle, having 5 pieces as opposed to 7. It is completely durable and would withstand plenty of hard use, even in a classroom. About the only thing that could happen is if a piece or two got lost. It does have possibilities of extending its use after the six shapes on the sides of the cube have been done. How about seeing how fast all sides can be completed, either as individuals or by relay teams? The [Read More...]

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Puzzle Dice

Puzzle Dice

The Puzzle Dice is a beauty of a puzzle, or more appropriately what you would call a brainteaser. It is essentially a 2 3/4 inch dice that is sliced into 9, same shaped pieces. By slicing the dice this way, the pieces end up with the “spots” scrambled. Obviously, the challenge is to reassemble the dice so that the total number of spots on opposite sides always equal 7; as with the regular dice. The Puzzle Dice is a puzzle that looks easier than it is and therefore if left around just about anyone will [Read More...]

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Rubik’s Revolution Micro Edition

Rubik's Revolution Micro Edition

Simply put; this is a Micro version of Rubik’s Revolution.To make it even more practical to carry around ;it comes with a sturdy chain attached,so you can clip to a zipper or use for a key chain. The Rubik’s Revolution is a 3″ cube, this Micro version is only a 1 1/2 ” cube,;so it is only one-eighth in size. It is also electronic and the recessed center squares light up;but only in red,where the other version the center squares light up in the same color [Read More...]

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