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4D Washington DC Skyline Time Puzzle


4D Cityscape recreates world famous city skylines not only in three dimensions (using scale-model buildings), but also along the axis of fourth dimension time, spanning over 100 years of its architectural history.

The 4D jigsaw puzzle includes many detailed plastic replicas that depict the city as it appeared as far back as 1800 through to the present and future. Each puzzle includes famous monuments, buildings, skyscrapers, bridges, and more.The streets glow in the dark, emphasizing the city’s glow. Includes a Time Poster that includes a history of the city.

The online educational feature includes more than 2000 facts. You can [Read More...]

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Cardboard Box Assembler a Shift look-a-like 3D Maze Puzzle Game


Cardboard Box Assembler is an addictive 3D online puzzle game. To me it looks like a combination between famous puzzle game Shift and 3D Maze puzzle by Oskar Van Deventer, called Oskar’s Cube.

Object of Card Box Assembler is to guide Melvin trough a 3D cube where gravity is relative. Melvin must collect keys and gems to unlock increasingly confusing levels

For you that means more than 30 levels of platforming puzzles, and the satisfaction of helping Melvin find himself. Cardboard Box [Read More...]

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Maze ‘n Math – Online Puzzle Game


Maze ‘n Math is a great combination between a maze and math puzzle game.

Object of Maze ‘n Math is to collect numbers with the red box and clear the game board. When the red box’s number is smaller than the one collected, it will show the sum of the two; if it’s larger, it’ll show the difference. When the numbers are the same, the box will clear.

Can you solve all 25 levels? Happy Puzzling!

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Readers Digest Book of Puzzles & Brain Teasers – Puzzle Book


Readers Digest Book of Puzzles & Brain Teasers, a huge puzzle book, is the latest addition to my puzzle collection.

Reader’s Digest Book of Puzzles & Brain Teasers will give your family and friends hours of challenging and mind stretching fun.

Whether you are a seasoned word smith or a mathematical maven, a card game connoisseur or a trivia maven, you’ll find an entertaining variety of mind games at every level of skill. The different chapters contain: Mind Mazes, Word Power, Smart Solutions, Figure It Out, Think Sideways, Train Your Brain and Tricky [Read More...]

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Lego Sliding Puzzle


Via YouTube I found this lovely working Lego version of the classic sliding-tile puzzle (aka fifteen puzzle)  you can build yourself.

On Flickr you can find 10 photo’s with an overview of all Lego bricks you’ll need to build your own Lego Sliding Puzzle. And also photo’s showing you how to build this Lego Sliding Puzzle.

On YouTube you can find a video how Lego Sliding Puzzle works. Happy Puzzling!

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Ocean Express – Tetris Jigsaw Puzzle Game


Ocean Express is a Tetris look-a-like jigsaw puzzle game in ocean style, with great water graphics and ocean sounds.

Object is to pack the Tetris styled jigsaw puzzle pieces perfectly on board the Ocean Express. Find out as you travel coastal waters while shipping colorful cargo. Each lobster pack you fit in earns you extra money. Keep an eye on the time and meet the shipping objective.

Game control is easy: Pick up, rotate and place the colorful Tetris pieces using your space-bar and mouse. Happy Puzzling!

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Wind Master -Maze Puzzle Game


Wind Master is an addictive maze kind of puzzle game in which wind (the physics aspect) is your friend with moving walls and changing wind directions.

Object of Wind Master is to rotate the yellow arrows to set the correct direction to the ball and to get the ball to the exit (black hole/circle).

Watch out for the blue arrows as they will send the ball in the wrong direction and the red walls as this will make you start from the beginning and will cost you one life.

Can you blow the ball [Read More...]

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