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Word Power Quiz Book


I picked this up as one of a set of three. The others are “Quotable Quotes” and “Life in these United States.”; packaged as “Quips, Quotes, and Quizzes”. This book is a set of 50 lists of words to test your knowledge. This has been a long time feature of Reader’s Digest. As an Engineer, who considers his “word knowledge” rather minimal, this book was very enjoyable. Each list has 20 words with 4 meanings to choose from. My scores ranged from 12 to 17, and rated as excellent. These little tests made me feel pretty good, but I would hardly [Read More...]

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Twist Apart

Twist Apart is a twist 2 by 2 that can be twist apart. This puzzle toy invention was from Korea. It looks like a 2 by 2 Rubiks cube. However, it is somehow hooked internally and the number of hooks is limited so it can be taken apart. The cube is easy to turn but be careful in solving the puzzle because when you make a wrong turn, it will lock. Just in case the cube locks up, simply look for another direction and take another turn.

Well just in case, your mind got extremely blown by this mind [Read More...]

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Tunga Bunga


Tunga Bunga is a game loaded with challenging puzzles with a bear. A hungry bear is on his way to the home of the cavemen. The player of this game needs to catch him before the bear hurts anybody. This time the special shape of the puzzle pieces makes it possible to position them in new and surprising ways. Don’t worry if you are just new in playing this game because there is an available tutorial to prepare you in all the puzzle maze challenges.

This is a game that would be perfect for those [Read More...]

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3x3x5 + X-Cube + L-Cube

You will find 3x3x5 + X-Cube + L-Cube so interesting to play. The puzzle toy looks like a Rubik’s cube and you can turn the layers smoothly. You can twist and scramble the pieces of this cube then arrange it back. This is something that you would wish to include to your personal puzzle collection. Playing with this toy can help enhance your puzzle solving skills. It can bend and twist your brain. You can request a friend to scramble this puzzle cube and you can solve it with much excitement. All you have to do is to let [Read More...]

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The Interlocked game can be played in either classic or challenge mode. This is an unlocking game and this is probably one of the most mind bending and twisting puzzle game. The player needs to carefully observe and inspect the form of the objects in order to unlock everything. The player can use the mouse to move the objects and then hold the space bar in order to use the other tool and then click the icon in order to swap tools.

This is one great intensive puzzle game that even adults will surely enjoy playing. As [Read More...]

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Digits is a cleverly designed slide puzzle from Siebenstein-Spiele that actually doesn’t resemble anything they usually produce. Siebenstein puzzles generally have a predominance of wood in their appearance, even though some wood boards are used in the Digits puzzle. Does this make it less appealing? No way, on the contrary, as it’s one of my favorite puzzles from them. The Digits, like 99% of Siebenstein’s puzzles, was designed by the prolific puzzle designer Jürgen Reiche. The design is made to look like an electronic panel of some sort. There are two colors that I know of used for the frame’s [Read More...]

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Sherlock Pro by Everett Kaser


For some fun and challenging puzzle fun, Sherlock Pro offers great brain teasing logical with a great theme. Presented with a series of clues, you must determine exact locations of all the pictures within your playing boards. Each puzzle of varying sizes will present you with rows of similar and common pictures such as faces, houses, fruits and street signs which the computer will then scramble. Without showing you the location of each picture, you will be given clues to follow in order to solve each new puzzle. Use your clues along with your skills of logical deduction to [Read More...]

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