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Castle Destroyer – Physics Based Puzzle Game


Castle Destroyeris an online physics based puzzle game and combines puzzle games like Splitter and Demolition City (and of course all their sequels).

Object of Castle Destroyer is to cut the blocks of each structure to fall and get them below the target line.

There are 18 levels to solve. Happy Puzzling!


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Math Lines – Online Math Puzzle Game


Math Lines is an educative math puzzle game.

In Math Lines there will be lines of balls with numbers on them. You can shoot balls to add new balls to the line. When the balls you shoot and the balls beside it add up to 10, these balls will be destroyed.

You can also destroy a group of same numbered balls with only one ball. When you destroy all the balls you can proceed to the next level. If the balls reach the hole, then you lose the game. Occasionally [Read More...]

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Top 3 – Online Jigsaw Puzzle Websites


There are many websites where you can solve jigsaw puzzles online for free,  these three websites offers you the best and most beautiful jigsaw puzzles.

1. National Geographic Online Jigsaw Puzzles

National Geographic offers you an online jigsaw puzzle generator with more than 8,000 pictures of their beautiful photo collection, from which you can select photo’s in several categories (animals, plants, people, landscapes, etc.) and create an online jigsaw puzzle.

Via options you can select the size of the puzzle pieces (small, medium and large). The smaller the jigsaw pieces the more difficult [Read More...]

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Double Sokoban – Online Puzzle Game


Double Sokoban (Japanese for warehouse keeper) is an interesting Sokoban variant with a nice twist that looks like the famous transport puzzle game series called Shift.

Object of Double Sokoban  is to solve two Sokoban puzzles at the same time. Use the space-bar to switch between the to puzzle games using the same game grid and the arrow keys to move the warehouse keeper and to move all boxes to their final destination.

In short, plan your moves carefully to solve both puzzles at the same time. [Read More...]

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Rocket Science – Physics Based Puzzle Game


Rocket Science is another physics based online puzzle game.

In Rocket Science you have to hit planets by launching rockets and take thrust, gravity and drag into account.

Drag, rotate and launch your rockets from inside the outlined launch area as you try to hit all of the planets. Launch your rocket(s) in all 25 challenging levels. Happy Puzzling!


Category: All Puzzles, Physics-Based Puzzlers


Sticky Blocks Game – Online Puzzle Game


Sticky Blocks Game is an addictive Sokoban kind of online puzzle game.

Only in Sticky Blocks you don’t push the blocks around but they stick together when the blocks touch each other.

Solve all 50 challenging levels and as an extra there are eight bonus levels. Happy Puzzling!


Category: All Puzzles, Sokoban Puzzles


Solitaire Entanglement – Online Puzzle Game


Solitaire Entanglement is a nice online puzzle game that looks like the original called Tantrix (read a previous post about the online version of Tantrix).

Object of Solitaire Entanglement is to create the longest line possible. The more segments your line has, the higher the score you can achieve.

Use the arrow keys or the mouse scroll-wheel to rotate your tile. Click with the mouse or press the space-bar to place your tile and watch your line grow.

Avoid the walls for as long as you can. Once [Read More...]

Category: All Puzzles, Maze Puzzles

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